Convicted Lewis to teach players

Chris Lewis

Chris Lewis played 32 Tests and 53 one-day internationals for England

Former England all-rounder Chris Lewis will revisit each first-class county before a deteriorate to try to safeguard no actor follows his trail into crime.

Lewis, 48, was expelled from jail in 2015 after portion reduction than half of a 13-year judgment for drug smuggling.

“I’ve been by a knowledge – a lot has happened,” he told BBC Sport.

“I could assistance immature players to equivocate some of a pitfalls that we might face in a veteran career in modern-day sport.”

Lewis, who played 32 Tests for England between 1990 and 1996, added: “There are pressures of being a tip sportsman, though we’re in a really absolved position. After all, you’re doing a thing that we love.

“But there’s not indispensably adequate suspicion going into a formulation given of all a income that can be around you, given of a feeling that we can be invincible.”


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In-depth: Chris Lewis on his jail sentence

Lewis was convicted in 2009 after being held bootlegging glass heroin into Britain from St Lucia.

He has struggled to make ends accommodate given he left jail in Jun 2015, though earns some income by bureau work.

His debate of a 18 first-class counties has been organized by a Professional Cricketers’ Association and a usually remuneration Lewis will accept is his transport expenses.

”One decision, or a integrate of decisions, done over a lifetime for me shouldn’t indispensably conclude who we are,” combined Lewis, who will start his debate during his aged county Leicestershire on Monday.

“You demeanour during that preference we say, ‘You know what? we went a wrong approach there.’

“With that knowledge we can do this and we can do that and we keep on moving. Once you’ve recognized you’ve done a wrong choice, we keep moving.”

The County Championship deteriorate starts on 10 April.

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