Comedian Sued For Sexism Over ‘No Boys Allowed’ Show!

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When we initial listened about a lawsuit directed during standup comic Iliza Shlesinger for doing a girls-only show, we suspicion it was merely some some-more reticent man-baby bullshit.

But a some-more we see from George St. George‘s suit, a some-more it seems officious offensive!

In his lawsuit, St. George claims he bought dual tickets for Girls Night with Iliza — No Boys Allowed — and was told he would have to lay in a behind since it was a women-only show. Then he and his crony left for cooking and returned to find a museum had motionless instead not to concede group during all, immediately charity St. George a refund.

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In a suit, profession Alfred Rava — who according to The Hollywood Reporter is creation a career filing cases about taste opposite men, including a fit opposite a Oakland A’s for giving hats divided for Mother’s Day — compares what St. George went by to a Civil Rights movement

He says a night “can best be described as same to a Montgomery City Lines train association in Montgomery, Alabama circa 1955.”

He also quotes George Orwell, compares a eventuality to holding a “Caucasian Night,” and says a uncover “repudiated hundreds of years of women’s struggles to be noticed as being equal to group and is standard of out-of-date sexism that competence also advise a immature lady that her best possibility for a happy life is to ace her home economics category and learn how to make a queso drop from Velveeta to locate a good man.”


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Shlesinger has not publicly responded to a lawsuit (she’s bustling interesting a infantry during a tail finish of a USO debate during a moment) and indeed might not legally be authorised to criticism during all.

But we will.

It is sum to review a integrate guys not being let into what is clearly labeled a “No Boys Allowed” uncover to systematic secular oppression, to review a few minutes’ nuisance to a violent, mostly lethal recoil to a quarrel for equal rights.

Women are not a statute energy subverting a will of second-class men. Women are in fact, a oppressed, and also a heckled, harangued, harassed, and intimidated here, and if they wish a few damn mins but carrying to worry about what group will contend or think, it’s not a lot to ask!

St. George is seeking for vague “damages.” Ugh.

What do YOU consider of this lawsuit??

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