Colombia insurgent talks not to be extended

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Mr Santos (left) and Farc personality Timochenko shook hands after a assembly facilitated by Cuban President Raul Castro (centre)

The Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos, has given a revolutionary insurgent organisation a sheer warning about a destiny of assent talks being in hold in Cuba.

Mr Santos told a Farc they contingency concentration and strech an agreement on a superb negotiating points in sequence to pointer a assent settle on 23 March.

For a initial time given a routine began, he indicated that a talks would not go forward over that date.

The negotiations are directed during finale some-more than 5 decades of conflict.

They were launched in Havana in Nov 2012.

Since then, agreement has been reached on a domestic appearance of a rebels, land reform, drug trafficking and transitory justice.

But with 5 weeks to go until a concluded deadline, there are still disagreements over some issues of a disarmament routine and doing of a accord.

‘Not prepared for peace’

“The time for finishing a negotiations is using out,” pronounced Mr Santos.

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The participation of armed rebels during a Farc convene on Thursday angry a government

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Farc rebels sojourn camped out in remote forested areas of Colombia

“If that doesn’t happen, we, Colombians, will interpretation that a Farc was not prepared for peace,” he pronounced during a revisit to a northern dialect of La Guajira.

Mr Santos also indicted Farc leaders of breaching a terms of a negotiations by holding a convene in a same area on Thursday in a participation of armed guerrillas.

“That was a large blow to certainty in a negotiations and to certainty of Colombians on a process,” he added.

The open eventuality was attended by tip Farc commanders Ivan Marquez, Jesus Santrich and Joaquin Gomez.

In a statement, a Farc minimised a government’s greeting to a rally, describing it as “unjustified controversy”.

If an agreement is sealed in Havana on 23 March, it will be submitted to a referendum by a Colombian people.

Should it be rejected, there will be no assent with a rebels, pronounced Mr Santos.

The deadline was initial mentioned when Mr Santos trafficked to Havana on 23 Sep and shook hands with a Farc leader, Rodrigo Londono Echeverri, famous as Timochenko.

More than 220,000 people have been killed and millions have been replaced in disturbance that began in a 1960s and has also concerned other riotous groups and worried paramilitaries.