Colin Farrell Shares a Touching Moment His Special-Needs Son Took His First Steps: ‘It Was Humbling to See’


Colin Farrell is opening adult about one of a many special moments of his life.

The 41-year-old actor, who stars in a dim play The Killing of a Sacred Deer, stopped by a PEOPLE, Entertainment Weekly and InStyle studio during a Toronto International Film Festival with costar Nicole Kidman and executive Yorgos Lanthimos.

Farrell, who plays a father given a terrible choice in a movie, common a joyous story from his genuine life as a dad. “When James took his initial stairs a integrate weeks brief of his fourth birthday, it was flattering extraordinary and humbling to see,” Farrell says.

The actor’s firstborn son, who turns 14 subsequent week, has a singular genetic commotion called Angelman syndrome, that causes engine and developmental disabilities, among other symptoms..

Farrell says that while any child holding their initial stairs is a useful occasion, it meant even to him meaningful his son worked tough to strech that milestone.

“People speak about a children holding a initial step, it’s apparently a staggering impulse and it’s been represented in film,” Farrell says. “But to be told your child might never take a initial step and afterwards see those initial stairs is only kind of a opposite competition all together.”

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Farrell afterwards jokingly tells Kidman to “beat that,” though she responds that her dual youngest daughters with father Keith Urban have put a wisecrack sequence on revelation stories about them.

“I’m not authorised to speak right now about my children since they’re apropos wakeful of what we contend and it gets reported behind to them so I’ve been silenced,” Kidman admits. “I’m only very, really unapproachable of them and would adore to be means to plead them, though have been told to cut it out.”