Ciara Says Since Becoming a Mom of 2, She Can Throw Together a ‘Fresh’ Outfit in 5 Minutes

Ciara has adopted a whole new opinion about conform given giving birth to her second child.

Although a thespian hasn’t had as many time on her hands given she and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson welcomed their 10-month-old daughter Sienna Princess, she’s schooled that infrequently a pivotal to putting together a good outfit is to literally not have time to overthink it.

“I consider there’s something kind of cold to me not carrying many time,” she told PEOPLE as she announced she had only been named the code ambassador for Pandora Jewelry’s Radiant Shine, 18 karat gold-plated sterling china valuables collection.

“It kind of creates my conform choices, we consider improved since we finish adult whooping things together and finish adult finding something unequivocally cool,” adds Ciara, who is also mom to 3½-year-old son Future Zahir, from a prior attribute with rapper Future.

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Ciara and daughter Sienna

Ciara and son Future

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And only how prolonged does it take a mom of dual to get prepared these days?

“Oh my gosh, removing ready, we can whoop adult a uninformed look in like 5 minutes!” she exclaims, nonetheless she’s discerning to supplement that infrequently she had to devise her outfits forward of time “because you’re like, ‘If we don’t consider about this afterwards we unequivocally don’t know what might happen.’ ”

Ciara explains that interjection to her “post-pregnancy brain,” when her “brain is active and pumping, I’m like, ‘What am we gonna wear tomorrow, what am we gonna wear tomorrow?’ before we go to bed.”

“Then we consider about some pieces and we only go in a closet and [go] for it. It works out,” she adds.

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The 32-year-old “Goodies” songstress also reveals to PEOPLE that she’ll be entrance out with new strain — some of that was available while she was pregnant with Sienna.

“I am super excited,” Ciara says. “I feel like a small child all over again, like when we done my initial album. we only remember that silly feeling when we was putting out my initial strain to radio and we have that feeling all over again.”

“It’s been so many fun creation that record,” she continues. “I started creation a small bit of it before we gave birth to Sienna and we was dancing around, my large belly and all. It’s only been unequivocally special so we can’t wait for a time to share it with a fans.”

Ciara and son Future

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Ciara goes on to explain how inspired she felt via her pregnancy, “especially meaningful that we was carrying a small girl.”

“I could overtly contend that [pregnancy] is substantially a times we feel many inspired and generally meaningful that we was carrying a small lady we consider there was only additional glow underneath my feet,” she says.

“I felt like we wish to spin it up! Like we am gonna spin it adult for her since we wish her to know that as a immature woman, immature lady in this world, that she can do all she puts her mind to, and we consider as a mom you gotta have gallantry in you,” Ciara adds. “You gotta be means to take risks and to not be fearful so she can know that she can take a risk and not be fearful and unequivocally pursue her dreams.”