Chrissy Teigen: Tabloids are Dumb, John Legend Still Loves Me!

It would be tough to name a luminary integrate some-more friendly than John Legend and Chrissy Teigen.

Because, come on … it’s John Legend and Chrissy Teigen.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend during a Tonys

John is so gifted and adorable, Chrissy is so pleasing and so real. They’re a truly smashing match.

Who could forget that pleasant impulse when Chrissy suggested that she didn’t comprehend John could see her butthole in certain sex positions?

Or what about a time that he told us all that she’d been training their darling daughter, Luna, how to ridicule him?

And vocalization of their darling daughter Luna, seriously, have we even seen her?

They’re only a best, a really best, and that’s since it was so upsetting progressing this week when we listened that there might be some difficulty over there in that poetic paradise.

According to that comfortless new news from In Touch, Chrissy and John “are carrying genuine matrimony problems.”

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend during 2017 MET Gala

So many problems, in fact, that “They have been in matrimony conversing for a final 6 months.”

Their purported issues embody Chrissy’s admitted celebration problem, as good as her onslaught with postpartum depression.

Because if we’re to trust this report, John is peaceful to finish their matrimony and rip their family detached since of issues Chrissy grown after carrying and giving birth to their child.

See since we called this disaster “tragic”?

“They are fighting nonstop,” a news continued.

But, on a splendid side, “They’re perplexing really tough to make their matrimony work.”

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend during a Globes

The whole thing is really depressing, and while we wouldn’t suppose it to be true, we wouldn’t have illusory many luminary splits that have happened this year.

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris? Fergie and Josh Duhamel?

It’s a bad time to be a long-lasting celeb couple.

However, before we get too upset, know that Chrissy has addressed this gossip not once, though twice.

And both statements are, in standard Chrissy Teigen fashion, simply delightful.

First, she common a print of a In Touch cover on Instagram — a cover that advertised an “exclusive” about “Chrissy John: On a Brink of Splitting.”

Chrissy Teigen After a Globes

“Oh in hold go f-ck yourselves, we exclusively reticent pieces of trash,” she wrote in a caption.

Then yesterday, paparazzi got video of Chrissy and small Luna withdrawal LAX, and they managed to get a few colorful comments out of her.

First, a photographer told her that if she and John did ever split, he’d “lose all faith in love.”

In response, she laughed and pronounced “We’re not even close!”

He asked her since people are essay things about their separate then, if they’re so happily married, and she pronounced “Well, In Touch is f-ckin’ stupid.”

She also pronounced that she has “no idea” where they get their stories from, though maybe “They’re bored. No news. Slow news day.”

Chrissy, gem that she is, afterwards suggested a tip to successful Hollywood relationships: “I consider enjoying yourself, carrying fun, realizing it’s all bullsh-t.”

Oh, girl. Never change.

Not that we would.