Chrissy Teigen Never Thought She’d Be ‘This Mom’ as She Juggles Work & Luna’s Birthday Party

Just call Chrissy Teigen super (stressed mom) mom!

The indication and author, 32, common a array of tweets in that she stressed about jacket adult her second cookbook and formulation her daughter Luna‘s second birthday party.

“I have strictly finished my second cookbook and am jacket adult large tumble plan formulation ohhhh it’s a joy!” Teigen tweeted. “now we am formulation a dual year old’s birthday party. we never suspicion I’d be this mom. we have always been so anti-parties they won’t remember. who am I.”

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Minnie Driver, who has a son of her own, commiserated with Teigen and tweeted in reply, “You are literally all of us now.”

While Teigen is formulation Luna’s birthday party, she is also prepping to welcome her second child with father John Legend in June.

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The dual customarily don’t reason behind from posting about their daughter’s antics and honeyed moments on amicable media.

Last month, Teigen told PEOPLE she doesn’t dwell on that tools of her personal life to share.

Chrissy Teigen and daughter Luna

Chrissy Teigen and daughter Luna

“There’s not too most suspicion that goes into anything we post,” she said. “I’m not like, ‘Okay, I’m going to post this during 2:00. I’m going to hold adult her face.’”

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She added, “We only constraint moments and if we see a lovable print we post it. It’s not too calculated.”

The Lip Sync Battle host certified she does try to keep from oversharing and sparking controversy from commenters.

“The some-more we hide, a some-more people are extraordinary and afterwards it becomes a unequivocally frustrating thing. So we don’t wish to be too secretive,” she said. “But if we uncover a ton afterwards we open yourself up to a universe of criticism for display too much. It’s tough since we wish to keep their special moments unequivocally special.”

“And it’s not like we wish to post her meltdowns or anything that’s going to confuse her or get us in difficulty — something like if she’s sitting by an opening or [in] a automobile chair and the strap isn’t high enough,” Teigen explained. “That things is burdensome to understanding with.”