Chris Brown Buys Monkey for Royalty (VIDEO)

Chris Brown, 28, is underneath glow for shopping his 3-year-old daughter, Royalty, a pet monkey. The thespian posted a video on amicable media of his daughter holding a gorilla like a baby wrapped in a blanket. Royalty beamed with complacency while holding her new pet monkey.

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Chris who has corner control with baby mom Nia Guzman, 34, asked his daughter in a video “Is that your baby? He’s going to be bigger than you! Look, we have the same sized head!” Chris couldn’t stop shouting he seemed to get a flog out it.

Chris Brown Buys Monkey…But Why?

Most people would find shopping a child a pet gorilla a radical decision, what happened to only removing your child a puppy? The infancy of his fans were angry during what they felt as completely insane of the artist. One fan left a comment: “It is so vicious to have a gorilla as a pet…..miserable.” While another fan seemed to roughly beg with Chris and wrote “This bad baby gorilla belongs with a family in a healthy habitat. It is not a trained animal such as a dog or cat and in no approach should be a pet or promoted as a pet.”

Some fans lifted a doubt that while resources can give we a ability to showering your child with showy gestures we can also indulge someone in a wrong way. 

A fan acted a doubt to Chris “Has it turn too normal for her to “just” have a dog or a cat??”

If a kind of gorilla we see in a video seems familiar, we might remember TV sitcom Friend’s impression Ross Gellar had one as a pet. The gorilla is a marmoset, famous to fit only in a palm of your palm they are used to vital in a treetops of a South American rainforests.

Brown recently won a control conflict with Nia Guzman. The baby mom was denied full custody, a requested whopping $20k a month for child support among other final she took a thespian to justice for. Maybe this is his approach of celebrating a feat with his daughter?