Chinese Sci-Fi Film Producers Say Horrific Dog Abuse Revealed On Set Was ‘An Accident’…

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Are we shopping this temperate walk-back?! Because we’re flattering skeptical…

As we reported yesterday, former Glee star Matthew Morrison — graphic above, left, alongside Ning Hao, a executive of a film — had been reaching out to producers of a Chinese science-fiction film Crazy Aliens he had seemed in recently.

Morrison wanted to voice his exasperation about a horrific video of dog abuse on set that was recently revealed by PETA.

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Now, producers have come out publicly to exhibit what they contend unequivocally happened when a bad German Shepherd dropped — mixed times — into icy waters: they explain it was all a large accident!

Twice… Suuuuuuure

Producers claim that it was their goal to have a dog in a crate, though that a bin should have only stayed dangling over a icy water, rather than being forsaken into it… twice… during dual opposite takes.

They contend that a special apparatus they designed contingency have failed… twice… and a enclosure fell into a H2O with a infirm dog inside… twice…

Yeah, sorry, not shopping that. It’s all longhorn shit!

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