Children’s Commissioner criticises Amazon over Child Sex Dolls

picture of child sex dolls for sale on Amazon

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This child sex doll was private by Amazon though was behind on a website days later

England’s Children’s Commissioner says Amazon should safeguard “disgusting” child sex dolls are not easy for sale on a website, after a BBC review found them for sale on a platform.

About a dozen child sex dolls were found for sale on Amazon Marketplace.

After a BBC contacted Amazon about one doll it was removed, though 3 days after it was behind on a website.

Amazon pronounced it had now private all a specific products that a BBC drew to a attention.

In a matter Amazon said: “All Marketplace sellers contingency follow a offered discipline and those who don’t will be theme to movement including intensity dismissal of their account. The products in doubt are no longer available.”

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Eleanor Bentall

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Anne Longfield, Children’s Commissioner for England, pronounced a dolls were a ‘clear danger’

Responding to a BBC investigation, Anne Longfield, England Children’s Commissioner, said: “These dolls are outrageous and are clearly meant to demeanour like children.

“Not usually do I, as Children’s Commissioner, though a wider open also, have a right to design a outrageous association like Amazon, to not usually mislay these products from their platform, though to explain because they are on there in a initial place and safeguard they can’t usually be reloaded carrying been taken down.

“Such dolls are clearly built for one purpose and that purpose is a transparent risk to a reserve of genuine children,” she added.

Legal loophole

The UK Border Force has seized 179 child-like sex dolls given Mar 2016 as partial of Operation Shiraz, a special operation set adult in and with a National Crime Agency.

In Jul 2017, a decider ruled child sex dolls were pornographic equipment and therefore lonesome by a 1979 Customs and Excise Management Act.

However, it is not a rapist corruption to make or possess a child sex doll: people can usually be charged for importing them.

Amazon Marketplace is an area of a retailing website where third celebration businesses can sell products.

Amazon does not sell a products itself though instead receives income from a sellers.

Dolls found on a website were typically 3 or 4 feet high with waist sizes around 16 inches (41cm).

In a concomitant cinema they were placed in passionate poses with descriptions such as “Mannequin Sexy” and “100% mimics girl’s body”.

Several dolls were described as entrance with “sexy lingerie”.

A integrate from Durham were frightened to find that a child sex doll came adult in a formula for their online hunt for sex toys.

“We felt troubled and we true divided reported it to Amazon,” they told a BBC.

Twenty 4 hours after a integrate had perceived no response from a retailer.

NSPCC warning

The NSPCC has warned use of a dolls can lead people to mistreat children.

Designed to be as realistic as possible, they are done of a silicone form element and import as most as a child.

The dolls are done in such a approach as to capacitate sex acts to be achieved on them.

The conduct of process during a children’s gift NSPCC, Almudena Lara, highlighted a risk child sex dolls can poise to children.

She told a BBC: “We already know that there is a risk that people regulating these dolls could turn desensitised and their poise could turn normalised to them, so that they go on to mistreat children, as is mostly a box with those who perspective faulty images of children online.

“There is positively no justification that regulating a dolls stops intensity abusers from abusing children.

“Until gaps in a law are addressed to make it bootleg to make, sell or discharge them, retailers like Amazon should exclude to sell these sinister dolls,” she said.