Chicago PD Recap 2/17/16: Season 3 Episode 15 “A Night Owl”

Chicago PD Recap 2/17/16: Season 3 Episode 15 A Night Owl

Tonight on NBC their riveting military play Chicago PD continues with an all new Wednesday Feb 17, deteriorate 3 partial 15 called, “A Night Owl” and we have your weekly summation below. On tonight’s episode, Burgess (Marina Squerciati) stops a college highbrow with a duffel bag full of heroin during a seriousness checkpoint; Roman (Brian Geraghty) tells Platt (Amy Morton) of his enterprise to turn a margin training officer.

On a final episode, after barbarous rapist Gregory Yates (guest star Dallas Roberts) transient from a New York prison, Lindsay (Sophia Bush) and a group learn that he dictated to rush New York and was headed for Chicago. Did we watch a final episode? If we missed it, we have a full and minute recap right here for you.

On tonight’s partial as per a NBC synopsis, “while operative during a seriousness checkpoint, Burgess (Marina Squerciati) finds a duffel bag full of heroin in a lorry of a reputable college highbrow who claims to know zero about how a drugs finished adult there. Voight (Jason Beghe) decides to reason off on charging a doubtful consider and Olinksy (Elias Koteas) and Antonio (Jon Seda) follow adult on a lead to see who is behind a drug smuggling.

At District, Roman (Brian Geraghty) expresses his desires to turn a Field Training Office to Platt (Amy Morton) and Mouse (guest star Samuel Hunt) sets Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) adult with an off-duty confidence pursuit operative for a appealing owners of a medical pot clinic. Also starring Sophia Bush, Patrick Flueger and LaRoyce Hawkins.”

Tonight’s partial looks like it is going to be good and we won’t wish to skip it, so be certain to balance in for a live coverage of NBC’s Chicago PD during 10:00 PM EST!

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Tonight’s partial of Chicago PD kicks off with a late night highway retard to check for dipsomaniac drivers. Burgess pulls over a male who says that he is on his approach to a university in Canada for a harangue a subsequent day. Burgess thinks he is behaving strangely and tells Alvin to pierce down a K-9. The dog indicates that there is something in a box of a automobile – they lift adult carpeting in a box of a automobile and find 10 kilos of heroin. Burgess arrests a male – who insists he has never seen a drugs in his life – and reads him his rights.

Hank and Antonio doubt a professor, who’s name is Adam Ames, behind during a precinct, his bail is set during half a million dollars given of a vast volume of drugs he was perplexing to move. Hank thinks that someone put him adult to transporting a drugs, he wants a name.

Hank and Antonio brief a rest of a group on Ames. They consider that he competence not have even famous that someone filled his automobile with drugs. Erin decides to pierce Burgess in on a box given she was a one that pulled a drugs off a travel and found them. Meanwhile, Trudy is attack a highway with Roman – he wants to be a Field Training Officer, and she is contrast him to see if he is ready.

Erin and Burgess conduct to Ames residence to doubt his mother and teenage daughter – they giggle during a accusations and Ames mother announce she is pursuit their lawyer. His daughter rants that they have a wrong male and her father doesn’t even know anyone who does drugs.

Alvin and Antonio locate a garage that built a trap doorway in Ames’ car. He says that he doesn’t know Ames – a chump named jOhnny Z brought in Ames’ car. He gives adult Johnny’s residence and a Chicago PD rush there. When they arrive during Johnny’s residence – a building appears to be on fire. They flog in a doorway and try to get by a fume to make certain no one is inside. They find a male tied adult that has been illuminated on fire. In another room Burgess and Erin find a small child fibbing on a building in a pool of blood – someone shot him in a head.

The Chicago glow dialect arrives – they endorse that a passed male was burnt alive. Hank tells them to get a physique down to a morgue and get a certain ID. A lady shows adult outward pathetic given her son was missing, he was offered candy bars adult and down a street. Alvin heads outward and breaks a news to her that someone shot and killed her 9 year aged son.

Back during a military station, Antonio heads behind in to doubt Ames. He asks him if he knows Johnny Z, Ames insists that he doesn’t. When Ames learns that a small child was killed, he is upset, he says that he got his automobile services final week – maybe they put a drugs in a box then.

Burgess and Erin find Johnny Z’s partner – she isn’t really helpful, though she gives them a name – she says that they need to speak to Gregor Torros. Atwater and Ruzek lane Gregor down during work and he tries to make a run for it. They follow him down in a building that he is going construction on. They follow him adult to a roof and he sobs that he can’t speak to a military given someone will come for his family – afterwards he jumps and commits suicide. Their usually lead in a box is now dead.

Erin and Burgess learn that Ames was renting an unit in an upperclass partial of Chicago – they conduct behind to Ames’ residence and his mother and daughter insist that they don’t know anything about a apartment. Pearl takes Erin aside and cries and begs to see her father – Erin says that once all is straightened out he can see his family, though not until a box is solved.

Back during a precinct, Hank is still operative on Ames. He tells him that they know about his tip apartment. Ames insists that a unit has zero to do with this – and afterwards he lawyers adult and refuses to answer any some-more questions though an attorney. Hank roughs him adult a bit and shackles him.

Atwater, Alvin, and Jay conduct to Ames’ tip unit – a landlord tells them that they wouldn’t “believe a untrustworthy characters entrance in and out.” Jay finds boxes in a closet full of letters from jail – Ames had during slightest 10 opposite penpals in opposite prisons. Jay says that a letters are “pretty graphic.”

They pierce a letters behind to a patrol and start reading by all of them. His many new penpal was a conman named Peter Walker – he gave his release officer Ames’ residence when he got out of jail dual weeks ago. And, it gets improved – Peter Walker was Johnny Z’s cellmate when he was in prison.

Hank and Jay lay down with Ames to speak to him about his jail penpals – he explains that his mother was operative with convicts for her pursuit and he got involved. Ames says that he helped a other prisoners, though he and Peter fell in love. Ames insists that Peter is trusting – afterwards he confesses to a drugs and he says that it was all his thought to run drugs. Ames says that a male threatened to kill Peter over a $50,000 debt if he didn’t compensate up. So, Ames concluded to run drugs to Canada to make adequate income to compensate off Peter’s debt.

Erin and Burgess lane down Peter Walker and pierce him in for questioning. He insists he doesn’t know anything about a drugs and wasn’t in on Ames’ plans. Jay shouts during Peter that a 9 year aged child is passed and so is Johnny Z! Peter laughs that he and Ames aren’t in love, he only let him cuddle given he indispensable some money to get on his feet.

Ames’ mother shows adult during a patrol and she is excitable – she says that someone took her daughter Pearl and pronounced that her father due them $100,000. She got a summary observant that if she didn’t compensate up, they were going to kill Pearl.

When Ames learns that they have his daughter he starts singing like a canary – he says that Peter knows a drug dealers and set them up. Ames doesn’t know anything else, Hank says they need info to get Peter to start talking. Ames says that Peter has a hermit named Marco that he would do anything for. Hank brings in Peter’s hermit Marco as leverage, Peter finally talks and says that Gregor introduced him to his trainer – a male named Gasper and they are holding Ames’ daughter during a construction site.

Hank, Erin, and Alvin conduct to a construction site to get Pearl – they breeze adult in a fire out with Gasper’s guards though they get Pearl behind before she is harmed. Gasper is arrested and they pierce him in. At a military hire Erin warns Pearl that her father is in critical difficulty – and a small child is dead. Erin lets Pearl in to see her father and they share a impulse before he is strictly requisitioned and charged.