Chelsea Handler Reveals She Always Thought Kanye West Was A ‘Maniac’ & ‘Delusional’!

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This competence make Chelsea Handler‘s loyalty with Khloé Kardashian a tad awkward!

In a new interview, Chelsea non-stop adult about Kanye’s new scandals (Taylor Swift feud, Wiz Khalifa feud, SNL rant), and what she thinks of a rapper’s mental state. Let’s usually contend Handler didn’t have good things to say!

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The comedienne confessed:

“I’ve always suspicion he’s a maniac, and he usually sounds like some-more of one.. he’s always been delusional.”

Ouch! It’s transparent Chels is austere in her stance!

The humorous lady added:

“He did this to Taylor Swift 5 or 6 years ago. He went adult and stole her award. And no one suspicion he was nuts then? He’s inconstant and he’s delusional. And now he’ll have a mental relapse in front of everybody, even yet he’s been in this state for years.”

Yep, we don’t a blonde is a usually who feels that way…

So, what do YOU consider of C.H.’s words?

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