Cheeto-In-Chief Donald Trump FINALLY Reacts To His Trash-Ass National Security Adviser Pleading Guilty For Lying To The FBI About Russia

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Well, well, well, it’s about damn time we join a party, Donald Trump!

The domestic news of a day on Friday was, of course, former Trump administration inhabitant confidence confidant Michael Flynn officially apropos a convicted law-breaker after pleading guilty in court for fibbing to a FBI.

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It’s substantially good that Trump responded, too, deliberation Flynn is now expected to flip on a whole fuckin’ administration and sell ’em all adult a river.

That means Jared Kushner, Mike Pence, Jeff Sessions, and, yes, The Donald himself are all in increasingly prohibited H2O as a FBI and special warn Robert Mueller continue to examine into Russia’s impasse in a 2016 presidential election.

Friday’s guilty defence is a initial in what competence be a severely ancestral fibre of philosophy opposite high-ranking member’s of Trump’s middle circle, and deliberation Flynn has concluded to totally flip and concur with investigators… this one might get unequivocally ugly, unequivocally quick for a Republican Party.

So sad!!! LOLz!!

So how does The Donald feel about Flynn flipping on him and pleading out?!

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Well, it’s simple, unequivocally (below):

It’s a weird reaction, and identical to a invulnerability Trump has used in a past: a Prez didn’t sequence Flynn to do anything during a debate and transition, though if he had, it would have totally been legal… it’s only that Trump didn’t sequence anything, OK!?

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And now, to Trump, Flynn didn’t do anything wrong with Russia during a transition… though he lied to a Vice President, so he had to be fired. As for a guilty plea? Trump doesn’t have shit to contend about that.

We’ll see how distant we can go before it’s all over for a Cheeto-in-Chief, though yesterday was a very, very, really staggering day in American story — and many expected a commencement of a finish of a Trump administration.

Joke’s on you, Donald!!

[Image via Kento Nara/Future Image/WENN.]

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