‘Celebrity Apprentice:’ Arnold Schwarzenegger May Hire Donald Trump As Advisor

As if staying on as executive writer wasn’t bad enough, Arnold Schwarzenegger competence sinecure Donald Trump as a guest confidant on ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’ With deteriorate 15 only on a horizon, review on to see how a dual politicians will work together to make an memorable debut!

With many of a universe adult in arms over Donald Trump‘s, 70, standing executive writer position, there’s one male who thinks a business noble will do a universe of good for ratings. Arnold Schwarzenegger, 69, a new horde for deteriorate 15 of Celebrity Apprentice, competence sinecure Donald as a show’s guest confidant given he idolizes him so much. “The bottom line is that Trump did a good pursuit for 14 seasons and we had large boots to fill in this 15th season,” suggested a former administrator of California to People. “I adore a uncover and I’d always wanted to do something like this.”

But if there’s anyone who knows a business like a behind of their hand, it’s Donald. The President-Elect hosted Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice given 2004, though gave it adult when he started his 2016 choosing campaign. Obviously his stream domestic conditions doesn’t matter to a show, as it was recently suggested that Donald will stay on as executive producer. Fans totally freaked over that decision, as it’s over intolerable to have a boss that’s also wrapped adult in a existence TV series. People worry that his TV participation will means a dispute of interest.

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Maybe Donald and Arnold get along so good given of their identical background. Arnold also started as an onscreen celebrity who after transitioned into politics. As governor, Arnold dipped his toes in other endeavors, identical to what Donald is doing now. Arnold still had ties to a Terminator cinema when he was voted into office, and according to a actor, conjunction plan was influenced by a other, disastrous or positive. All we can contend is that we can’t wait to see how this pans out.

HollywoodLifers, do we consider Arnold will sinecure Donald as a guest advisor?