Casting executive Mukesh Chhabra indicted of passionate harassment, denies allegations

casting executive mukesh chhabracasting executive mukesh chhabra Casting executive Mukesh Chhabra has been indicted of passionate nuisance by dual women

Four women on Saturday indicted casting directors Mukesh Chhabra and Vicky Sidana of passionate harassment, according to a Mid-day report. While one lady had reportedly met Chhabra for a casting of a film in 2017, a second lady left Mumbai after a purported nuisance took place.

Chhabra denied a allegations and said, “It has been years of tough work and we have been around in a industry. It is hapless that people are resorting to name job and creation furious allegations. Hard work and persperate can't be erased by creation fake accusations. we repudiate any such occurrence took place. If anyone is indulging in gossip mongering and mischievous slandering, we will take each probable authorised transformation to strengthen my reputation.”

An determined singer purported that Vicky Sidana called her to his residence and attempted to harass her. Sidana also denied claims of nuisance and told Mid-day that actors “harbour ill feelings towards us and this is an try to assail me.”


“I have never called anyone home. If we had, my mother would have been there. In any case, if someone is not fixing themselves, how do we infer myself innocent? One has to understand, that as casting agents, we humour a rage of those we don’t cast. They gulf ill feelings towards us and this is an try to assail me. we have been operative given 9 years and have a certain reputation. Casting directors are tormented by budding actors; they send disgusting cinema and messages,” Sidana said.

The #MeToo transformation has been entertainment transformation in India ever given actor Tanushree Dutta purported that actor Nana Patekar intimately tormented her on a sets of a 2008 film Horn Ok Pleassss. Since then, many renouned total from a Indian film companionship have been indicted of passionate bungle and harassment. Vikas Bahl, Sajid Khan, Varun Grover, Alok Nath, Rajat Kapoor are among a few whose names have cropped adult for working inappropriately with women.

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