Carl Frampton can recover, though it competence not be Leo Santa Cruz in Belfast

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Santa Cruz says his government group will have to determine to Belfast hitch with Frampton

Carl Frampton’s rematch with Leo Santa Cruz was another superb contest, another illusory advert for boxing.

I was operative with Amir Khan and he had Santa Cruz winning it by dual rounds – we had it by four. Santa Cruz was in control for many of a fight.

That is distinct their initial WBA featherweight pretension quarrel final Jul that Frampton won on points – a Northern Irishman was flattering many in assign for many of that one.

Santa Cruz boxed here like a male who had mislaid a initial quarrel – a male encouraged for revenge.

Santa Cruz had so many to infer and a pivotal doubt in a rave was either he would do anything differently to how he achieved in Brooklyn.

Frampton and his group – father-and-son tutor and manager Shane and Barry McGuigan – seemed assured Santa Cruz couldn’t box on a behind foot, yet he seemed unequivocally skilful roughly from a initial bell, watchful quietly for Frampton to come during him and picking him off on a approach in.

He had shown rags of a ability to box on a behind feet in a past, in a outrageous Hispanic showdown with Abner Mares, yet zero like he constructed conflicting Frampton.

Santa Cruz showed genuine champion peculiarity in overcoming adversity. The initial quarrel brought about his initial defeat, and he bounced behind like good champions do.

The dual group treated any other with such low honour all week.

Santa Cruz had his family in tow, and it was a kind of arise during that they didn’t seem out of place. That is distinct so many fighting events, when a tirades and insults are flowing.

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Frampton astounded by Santa Cruz tactics

Can Frampton rebound behind from initial defeat?

This was a many unsatisfactory night of Frampton’s career, yet it is a reversal he can come behind from.

He does have a kind of genius that will assistance him rebound back. If not straightaway, afterwards positively to build a unequivocally successful career from here.

In each tip sports star’s catalog is a reversal they’ve come behind from, where they’ve overcome adversity. Santa Cruz has finished it, and now it’s Frampton’s turn.

He has that quality, and if he is a champion he believes he is, and those around him trust he is, he will have to come back.

He doesn’t turn a bad warrior overnight and he’s run a three-weight universe champion unequivocally tighten again with a opening that wasn’t his best.

I consider he can do it, yet we also consider whenever Frampton and Santa Cruz accommodate in a ring it will be very, unequivocally close.


Frampton suffered a initial improved of his 24-fight veteran career

Time for a decider?

The large doubt is will a subsequent competition for both group be a trilogy quarrel – given it competence be unequivocally formidable for Frampton to motivate himself for anything else.

There are lots of options out there for him – Lee Selby is still a possibility, even yet he didn’t quarrel this weekend – yet a one they all wish is a trilogy quarrel given it’s one apiece.

There was usually a line from Santa Cruz during a final news discussion that disturbed me. He pronounced there are other options.

As shortly as we hear that from a boxer, a manager or upholder we get a clarity negotiations are underneath approach and they are throwing those options into a brew and personification hardball.

The captivate of Las Vegas

The fans make Vegas an appealing choice for promoters and casinos. There has been good business this week, not usually from a Irish fans yet a Hispanic and Mexican fans as well.

The sound as a dual group came to a ring was flattering disinterested – if we are articulate about a competition between a fans afterwards that was unequivocally tighten as well. At times a Irish hold sway, yet during times a Mexicans were in full voice.

It’s always a beam to a quarrel when a noisiest of loud fans are kept still – we know afterwards their male is not doing so well. And a Irish were still for postulated periods.

But they have done themselves listened and famous here, and it has turn a unequivocally appealing partial of a whole Frampton package, usually as it was accurately 10 years ago with Ricky Hatton when he began his Las Vegas odyssey.

Hatton initial fought here in Jan 2007, and he didn’t light straightaway. There weren’t 20,000 people following him here immediately, yet he gradually built over time.

I get a clarity they think, if not on a same scale as Hatton, they have got another one of these madly renouned characters and they adore it over here. It’s different. It brings a whole conflicting energetic to quarrel week in Vegas.

They will find that unequivocally attractive, so there are long, tough negotiations to take place before this third quarrel happens.


Ricky Hatton built a good following in Vegas, where he fought a likes of Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather Jr and Paulie Malignaggi

Back to Belfast?

I’m conference there are all sorts of logistical problems with Belfast in a center of summer given of football final on a stadiums.

Frampton is utterly noted adult after this one, and these group have fought dual unequivocally tough fights in 6 months – would they wish to go again as early as June, that is what has been mentioned?

They are some-more expected to wait until after in a year, that afterwards means can they go outdoor given of a weather. It’s difficult.

There is so many income in Las Vegas put adult by a casinos, and promoters like it over here. Santa Cruz has a outrageous fanbase here, so it’s going to be unequivocally formidable for Barry McGuigan and others concerned in a negotiations.

Frampton is austere his subsequent quarrel will be in Belfast. He’s fought 3 times in a States now – in Texas, New York and Vegas. He pronounced his fans have loyally upheld him, spending all their money, so he wants to compensate them behind by fighting subsequent in Belfast.

He competence get his wish, yet it competence not be Santa Cruz in a conflicting corner.


Frampton – who was good upheld in Vegas – has not fought in Belfast given Feb 2015

Family time for Frampton

Frampton has been observant all week he can’t wait to get behind and spend time with his family.

We met him during a commencement of quarrel week and spent 20 mins or so vocalization to him in his apartment – he couldn’t have been some-more relaxed, he couldn’t have been some-more approachable, he couldn’t have been some-more useful to usually about everybody here.

That takes a lot out of a fighter. It did out of Hatton, we know. There are a lot of media commitments. That’s one of a prices we compensate for being so good, so renouned and fighting on a theatre such as this. He’ll be tired mentally and physically.

The initial improved always hurts, generally on a theatre as large as this. He will demeanour during ways he could have sealed down that space improved – he always talks about his biggest item being a control of stretch between him and his opponent, and he mislaid that on Saturday.

That’s what he has got to analyse. Was there something in a rave he did differently? Was he here too long? In a past he has come over to a United States too late, yet he’s been here for a month. Has he been blank a family too much?

There is a lot of confidence out there for Frampton, yet it will take a while for him to see that.

He is a unapproachable fighting male and that initial reversal of his career will be unequivocally formidable to take given he unequivocally fanciful himself not usually to win, yet to win well.