Canine Caper! Hidden Camera Reveals Adorable Reason Toddler Is Able to Escape Baby-Proofed Room

Ocean’s 8 comes out this weekend and to primary your taste for a heist film, we have a opposite kind of caper.

On Friday morning, 15-month-old Chloe Cardinal pulled off a impossible: she managed to yield over a high filigree ensure on her bed, open her bedroom doorway and waddle into a corridor of her family’s Phoenix home, reports ABC News.

Chloe’s parents, who found a small Houdini in a corridor shortly after she transient and safely returned her to bed, were confused about how their toddler was means to lift off such a feat.

So they went to a baby guard fasten to figure out what pretence Chloe had adult her onesie. Turns out a child wasn’t behaving alone.

Footage from the Nest confidence camera that a Cardinal family has set adult in Chloe’s room suggested a toddler’s dual best friends, family dogs Colby and Bleu, were a inside group in this scheme. The video shows a golden retrievers nosing open a bedroom door, that is too high for Chloe to reach, and jumping into a girl’s bed for a cuddle session.

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The pooches afterwards inspire Chloe to pierce playtime outward by using in and out of a bedroom. Eager to get in some peculiarity dog time, Chloe manages to follow a dogs out a doorway they non-stop for her.

Chloe’s dad, Chris Cardinal, told ABC News that while he and his mother Nina baby-proofed their home, they are now looking into dog-proofing a baby-proofing to make certain Colby and Bleu don’t lure Chloe into any some-more trouble.