Calling Karan new promo: Love guru KJo is stumped by caller’s question

karan johar radio uncover new teaser karan johar radio uncover new teaser Karan Johar goes vacant as a lady seeks adore recommendation from him.

Karan Johar’s entrance radio uncover Calling Karan will go on atmosphere on Dec 4. But before that, a filmmaker-anchor-actor has common a behind a scenes video from a radio hire where he looks wholly clueless about what adore recommendation to give to a tourist who is in adore with her cousin. The brief teaser video brings out Karan’s gossipy side as he enjoys sharp stories though when it comes to giving a resolution to a problem, he goes blank.

In a promo, a lady calls Karan to plead how her father has stopped articulate to her as she has depressed in adore with her cousin. She expects Karan to give her an recommendation though he forgets that he is on radio and is not talking with someone over a phone. As he is reminded of his duty, Karan, to equivocate a conditions plays a strain for her instead. After examination a humorous promos of a show, we contingency say, it will be utterly engaging to hear Karan from a chair of a radio jockey.

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The uncover will atmosphere on Ishq 104.8 FM from Monday to Friday, twice a day in a week. On a show, Karan will be elucidate a problems of his callers regarding to relations and heart. Though Karan has been one of a many interesting hosts and anchors with his vocalization skills on Indian television, radio is wholly a new domain for a filmmaker. After dishing out B-town report on his discuss uncover Koffee With Karan, now KJo fans are watchful to hear some difference of knowledge from a filmmaker on a radio.

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