California Woman Gives Birth on Side of a Road After Husband Crashes Car: The Baby Was ‘Sitting in Her Pants’

Ying Shi and her father Hongwei Zhang were rushing to a San Diego sanatorium to acquire their small lady early Monday morning when Zhang mislaid control of a automobile and crashed into a petrify barrier, according to reports.

Panicked, Zhang ran opposite Genesee Avenue and managed to dwindle down a flitting car. The driver, Dayna Dumont, only happened to be a helper during a circuitously Scripps Memorial Hospital, according to a San Diego Union-Tribune.

“He was saying, ‘My wife! My wife!’ The subsequent thing he pronounced was,’The baby came!’ ” Dumont told a Tribune. “I fast jumped out of my car.”

Dumont told KSWB that a couple’s automobile was badly damaged, and Zhang had to “rip” a doorway off to get to his wife. They fast schooled that Shi had already given birth to a baby girl.

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“I looked during her, we said, ‘Are we okay?’ She sat there quietly and said, ‘Yes … The baby’s here,’ ” Dumont removed to a station.

“We kind of pulled her sweatpants down and there was a baby, kind of sitting in her pants.”

A male stopped to assistance a integrate as well, KSWB reports.

Police shortly arrived and Dumont hold a baby in place as a medic cut a umbilical cord, according to a Tribune. The family was afterwards placed in an ambulance.

The integrate after expelled a matter by a hospital, divulgence that they named their daughter Anna, according to KTLA.

“First of all, as Christians we wish to appreciate God for gripping us protected by all of this. Next, we wish to appreciate all of a people who gave us help. When this happened, we suspicion we were all alone,” a relatives pronounced in a statement.

“But really fast a lady stopped to assistance us and called 911. Then a male stopped to assist. They were both finish strangers though they stopped to assistance us anyway. … Our new daughter, Anna, is doing smashing interjection to all of them.”