Caitlyn Jenner Didn’t Know Kendall Jenner Had A Boyfriend In High School!

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Kendall Jenner is so sneaky!

Recently, a supermodel wrote a blog entrance on her website where she reveals how her life has altered given high school.

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The KUWTK star wrote:

“I know I’m not that old, yet high propagandize feels like it was so prolonged ago. I’ve grown adult a lot given then, yet we feel like, personality-wise during least, we was flattering identical to how we am now.”

Although Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner authorised Kenny and Kylie Jenner to go to parties, they never misbehaved.

“Because my relatives weren’t unequivocally strict, Ky and we were super responsible. They were OK with it if we went to parties since they knew we weren’t removing into trouble—we never did anything that bad! We could’ve had parties ourselves if we wanted, yet we unequivocally only didn’t caring to. We’d entice a garland of people over to hang out yet it was never a rager, lol.”

However, a former I Am Cait star had no suspicion that Kendall had a boyfriend! Tsk, tsk!

“The wildest thing we did during that time was lie to my relatives about where we was during night. My father didn’t unequivocally know we had a boyfriend! Even yet my mom had an idea, we was unequivocally uncanny about revelation them since we suspicion I’d get in trouble. I’m blissful my relatives devoted me adequate to let me have a good high propagandize experience.”

Teenagers will be teenagers!

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