By Far a Best and Fastest Way to Hard-Boil Eggs

I’m a new Instant Pot user and have avoided cooking eggs for months out of fear they would raze (I’ve seen some gnarly photos on a Instant Pot Facebook Community). When we searched online for “How to prepare eggs in an Instant Pot,” we was met with disaster photos and unsuitable instructions from several bloggers. we searched for “eggs” on a Instant Pot website and saw an aged video (with an aged Instant Pot) that gave some bizarre instructions, too. My beloved said, “Well, because don’t we only try a egg environment and see what happens?” Duh! While it’s almost that easy to “hard-boil” ideal eggs, there are a few tips and tricks we attempted that we wanted to share with we so your eggs spin out well, too. So here’s a process we used, step by step.