Busy Philipps Says Courteney Cox Convinced Her to Get Help For Her Anxiety: ‘I Was Barely Holding It Together’


Right after a birth of her initial daughter, Birdie, 9, Busy Philipps admits she was not in a good place. The actress, 38, who has recently turn a amicable media star with roughly one million supporters on Instagram, says it’s now tough for her to even consider behind to that time.

“I was hardly holding it together,” she says in a latest emanate of PEOPLE.

The Dawson’s Creek alum was pang from postpartum stress and didn’t wish anyone else holding caring of her newborn. “I didn’t wish anyone else touching her. we felt like we was a usually one that could assistance or palliate her. That was a tough time,” she says.

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Around this same time, Philipps began operative on a uncover Cougar Town and says it was a show’s star, Courteney Cox, who assured her it was time to get help.

“Courteney was like, ‘I consider we should speak to a alloy about medication.’” Philipps went on antidepressants for about a year and a half and says it helped get her by that severe time.

Despite being a self-described extrovert, Philipps still suffers from amicable stress and credits her father writer-director Marc Silverstein’s support and her intense workouts for assisting palliate it.

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Philipps who is also mom to Cricket, 4, says she is amatory this theatre in a girls’ lives. “I wish we could bottle it up. we adore how humorous they are.”

She has also managed to find a good change between work and motherhood and can subsequent be seen in a comedy I Feel Pretty personification a crony of a lady (Amy Schumer) who hits her conduct and wakes adult meditative she’s gorgeous. The film was a possibility for Philipps to work with Silverstein, who co-wrote and destined a film with his essay partner Abby Kohn.

“I adore this movie’s certain clever summary for girls,” says Philipps.

I Feel Pretty hits theaters Apr 20.