Bug causes fraudulent Tube transport warnings

Screengrab of TFL app

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The bug meant that TFL’s app reported that no trains were using on any tube line

Transport for London (TfL) has blamed a bug for creation transport apps contend all Tube lines were closed.

TfL was strike with queries on amicable media by confused commuters reacting to a fraudulent news about a line closures.

The transport physique referred people to a website for some-more accurate information about a standing of Tube lines.

Later, it pronounced a “issue” had been reported to a web developers who had bound a problem.

No problem

The problem with a apps emerged around 08:00 GMT – towards a finish of a early rush hour in London. It meant that anyone looking to see if there would be any delays on their tour was told that no services were running.

The approach that TfL shares a use information meant that several opposite apps that use a feed from a transport physique were also stating a network-wide shutdown.

Many people took to Twitter to ask what was function on a tube to move about such a large use close down.

Initially, TfL pronounced there was no problem with a information feed. However, shortly after it started responding to queries observant it had been told of an “issue” that was being looked into by a web team.

To get some-more accurate information it told many on amicable media to impute to a webpages for “accurate” information.

The app was bound and display scold information by about 10:00 GMT.