BT tops broadband and pay-TV complaints again

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BT captivated a high turn of complaints notwithstanding earnest users “faster wi-fi connections” than rivals

BT has continued a run as a UK’s many complained about home broadband provider, according to information from a regulator Ofcom.

The association captivated 28 complaints per 100,000 business for a use opposite a months of Apr to June.

That meant BT was ranked worst out of a UK’s vital 6 providers for a fifth entertain in a row, notwithstanding a figure being reduce than for a prior period.

Its pay-TV use also struggled.

BT TV captivated 13 complaints per 100,000 subscribers over a 3 months. The use has now had some-more complaints than a rivals in each Ofcom news given mid-2015.

The attention normal total for a second entertain were:

  • 21 complaints per 100,000 business for broadband
  • four complaints per 100,000 business for compensate TV

Ofcom’s information represents usually complaints consumers have selected to expand by referring them to a watchdog – and not those sent to particular firms or apart ombudsmen – so substantially underplay a turn of discontent.

The physique does not tell sum about particular cases.

But it pronounced that common grievances opposite BT had included:

  • technical faults
  • billing issues
  • the approach it had rubbed complaints done to a possess staff

“We apologize to business we’ve let down,” pronounced BT in a statement.

“We caring about use and we’ve invested heavily to make improvements, including employing 2,200 additional people, that is assisting us answer calls some-more fast than ever before – over 8 out of 10 are now being answered in a UK and Ireland.”

Ofcom’s consumer process arch did not impute to BT by name in her summary, though seemed to vigilance she wanted serve action.

“We design providers, quite those who have been consistently under-performing, to make use peculiarity and complaints doing their series one priority,” pronounced Jane Rumble.

One market-watcher remarkable that BT’s broadband use common a same infrastructure – supposing by a Openreach multiplication – as Sky and EE, that were a dual slightest complained about providers.

“The information we have from speed tests indicates BT isn’t giving people a worse knowledge than others,” pronounced Andrew Ferguson from a ThinkBroadband news website.

“That suggests it’s not got a broadband problem so most as a customer-service one – including a length of time it leaves people on hold… or worse when people try to call support, it takes them 4 or 5 times to get through.”