Brock Lesnar Makes WWE Star Tap Out, Undertaker Appearance, CSR On Finn Balor’s Future And Starrcade

– Above, Brock Lesnar done Rey Mysterio daub out to a Brock Lock on an part of SmackDown in 2003.

– The Undertaker will be appearing during a Ace Comic Con during a Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, New York from 4:30-8:30pm on Friday, Dec 8. Tickets are compulsory for admission, autographs and print opportunities. Availability is limited. Advanced squeeze is suggested — greatfully visit here for sheet and report information.

Batista On Why He Was Upset With WWE Over WrestleMania 23 Match With The Undertaker

– Below is a latest Chair Shot Reality On Wrestling Inc. featuring Justin LaBar and Josh Isenberg. In a 3 videos, a twin discussed because Starrcade wasn’t on a WWE Network, Young Bucks appropriation their possess show, Finn Balor’s future, “Woken” Matt Hardy, and Brock Lesnar’s subsequent opponent.