Bristol Palin & Donald Trump Jr. Try But Fail To Come For Adam Rippon!

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Adam Rippon is skating divided from sceptical haters!

As we reported, a plainly happy U.S. Olympian has left on record to voice his antipathy for Vice President Mike Pence given his prolonged record of anti-gay legislation and reported support of happy acclimatisation therapy (which Pence denies).

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Though he stands by his comments, a 28-year-old doesn’t wish his argument to shroud a Olympics itself. As reported by CNN, he told reporters during a press discussion in Pyeongchang, South Korea on Tuesday:

“I don’t wish my Olympic knowledge being about Mike Pence.”

That same day, Donald Trump Jr. held breeze of Rippon’s comments and wrote a following nasty tweet:

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Sorry to detonate your burble Donnie Jr., though Pence HAS publicly talked about Rippon this month! In a amicable media summary created final week, a VP said:

Sadly, Donald Trump‘s son isn’t a usually regressive figure to impugn a athlete!

Earlier this month, Bristol Palin wrote a blog post where she subtly slams Rippon for refusing to accommodate with Pence. She dishes:

“The cold thing for athletes to do now, apparently, is to impugn any invitations to a White House in sequence to take a mount opposite a Donald Trump administration… This is a good bid on interest of a Vice President to strech out with kindness. In today’s crazy domestic climate, it’s good to be kind — even if we have opposite domestic views. we wish one day Adam and a Vice President have a possibility to lay down together. In a meantime, we wish Adam — and all of Team USA — do a good pursuit representing a republic well!”

However, a figure skater appears to be totally unbothered by a drama! He wrote on Wednesday:

Adam continues to be his fabulous, overwhelming self!

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