Bridget Jones Actress Says Harvey Weinstein Fired Her Over Refusal To Screen Test In A Bikini

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It looks like we’re distant from a finish of conference stories of Harvey Weinstein‘s purported sexual misconduct.

More like right during a start.

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On Friday morning, singer Jessica Hynes, whom we might know from Shaun Of The Dead, Doctor Who, or as a co-creator and star with Simon Pegg of a classical Britcom Spaced (but substantially know from somewhere else — behind to that in a min), common her possess Harvey story on Twitter.

She tweeted (and after deleted) a story, that People was means to shade grab:

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The saddest partial of that story? Jessica did eventually work on a plan rather associated as it was distributed underneath a ensign of MiramaxBridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason.

Thankfully it doesn’t seem like Harvey had anything directly to do with that one.

After her tweet, author Jack Howard responded:

To that Jessica replied:

“I’m certain there are many more…”

We are too, sadly.

[Image around Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]

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