Brexit: Netflix ‘passport’ not nonetheless decided

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It is too early to contend either supposed calm portability manners will extend to UK adults after Brexit, a supervision has told a BBC.

The new manners let people entrance internal versions of subscription streaming and download services such as Netflix while visiting other EU countries.

Some newspapers pronounced a European Commission wanted to “block” UK adults from services after Brexit.

But a supervision pronounced portability was still theme to negotiations.

Media passport

From Sunday, a new EU regulations will let people who allow to video and song platforms entrance a “home” chronicle of their comment while visiting other countries in a EU.

Providers charity paid services – such as Sky’s Now TV, Spotify and Apple Music – will have to follow a new rules.

Services charity paid film, music, and video-game downloads and e-books contingency also let business entrance their purchases while on holiday in a EU.

However, giveaway services will be means to select either to offer entrance overseas.


On Wednesday, a European Commission released guidance for copyright holders such as broadcasters and video streaming services.

It pronounced UK adults would be means to use their subscriptions while visiting EU countries until during slightest 29 Mar 2019.

But it pronounced “persons staying in a UK will no longer advantage from their digital calm subscriptions when travelling to a EU” after Brexit.

This was interpreted as an try to “block” services after Brexit by some newspapers.

But a UK supervision told a BBC that no preference had been reached.

“The supervision is committed to securing a best understanding for British consumers. Arrangements on portability would be theme to any negotiations,” it pronounced in a statement.