Brantley Gilbert and Wife Amber Welcome Son Barrett Hardy-Clay – See His First Photo!

Brantley Gilbert‘s “Kind of Crazy”? New fatherhood!

The 32-year-old nation rocker and his mother Amber welcomed their initial child, son Barrett Hardy-Clay Gilbert, on Saturday, Nov. 11, his repute confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

Born during 1:37 p.m. after a sincerely discerning labor during Piedmont Hospital in Athens, Georgia, baby Barrett weighs in during 6 lbs., 7 oz. and measures 20 inches in length.

“Honestly, I’m only speechless,” Gilbert tells PEOPLE of a birth of his initial child. “Watching a delivery, we don’t even know what to say. Amber and we are only so beholden and sanctified to have this pleasing small boy.”

Due a 17th, Barrett arrived a bit earlier than creatively anticipated. “It was unequivocally fast. Amber woke up, had a small pain,” a singer-songwriter explains. “And a helper said, ‘You’re ready.’ It was 30 minutes, and we had Barrett. And we have no words, over it’s even some-more than we could’ve ever imagined.”

Barrett Hardy-Clay Gilbert
Lyn Sengupta

When it came to fixing their son, a Gilberts looked to a longtime favorite, as good as their family lineage.

“Barrett’s a name we’d had for a very, unequivocally prolonged time,” Gilbert tells PEOPLE. “We knew we wanted to have a ‘B’ name, and [Barrett’s] something we’ve always had and loved.”

The baby’s hyphenated center name honors both sides of Brantley and Amber’s family — Hardy comes from Amber’s father’s side, while Clay was a nation star’s PaPaw’s center name.

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Gilbert and his mother suggested they were expecting their initial child exclusively to PEOPLE in May, explaining that it was “an answer to a prayer” after perplexing to detect for roughly dual years following their Jun 2015 wedding.

“We’d been to see a flood specialist, and dual opposite folks that told me it would be tighten to a spectacle if it happened though IVF,” Gilbert pronounced during a time. “I’m not most of a quitter, though we was really, unequivocally frustrated.”

Brantley Gilbert and Wife Amber
Lyn Sengupta

But in February, Amber “handed me a box and there were 3 pregnancy tests in there and all of them were positive,” he recalled.

“I consider we stared during it for during slightest dual mins though observant anything since we was literally in shock. We’d been told it was only not in a cards, and I’m staring during this answer to many, many, many prayers.”

Brantley Gilbert
Lyn Sengupta

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In early June, a then-parents-to-be distinguished their small one with a gender exhibit party, where the “Bottoms Up” thespian used a purloin to fire during a aim filled with blue dust.

“Everybody was crying. we incited around and we consider that’s when it strike me that everybody’s wanted this for us as most as we did for so long,” Gilbert told PEOPLE. “When a blue cloud went up, well, that done it even some-more real. Now we know it’s a small boy, and he’s gonna have to get prepared for a whole lot of love.”

“We got to go to a doctor’s and collect adult a pouch with a [sex] in it,” Gilbert added. “Then we took it to a male who was make-up a powder. We forsaken it off, afterwards waited until a large impulse … and man, when we saw that blue cloud of smoke rising?! There are no words.”

Brantley Gilbert and Wife Amber
Lyn Sengupta

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“Amber and we suspicion it was a small boy. we don’t know how or why, though we only did,” he continued. “I’d have been happy with any baby, child or girl. But there’s something about a idea of a small guy … ”

The new father is intensely beholden for a couple’s new addition, revelation PEOPLE in Jun how most a support of their desired ones has meant to them along their journey.

“It feels like Amber and we have been trying to have a baby, and now that it’s happening, a universe is as happy as we were,” Gilbert explained. “People saw what we were going through, and so many people have these problems, so we’re all in it together.”