Brad Pitt, hip & cold 53-year-old, hung out with a youngsters during Glastonbury

Brad Pitt seen during a Glastonbury Festival on Worthy Farm

I overtly don’t know what to make of Newly Single Brad Pitt. I’m peaceful to go a stretch and trust that a garland of women are perplexing to strike him up and I’ll also trust that he spent months in relations seclusion, doing some kind of imagination chronicle of rehab and “sculpting” in his private studio. we consider my problem is that we don’t know if he’s actively perplexing to demeanour sensitive or fascinating or something else entirely. The vibe we keep removing from him is a man who doesn’t unequivocally know who he is after all this time, and a man who is rather unfortunate to still be seen as hot/sexy/young/interesting. Thus, 53-year-old Brad Pitt went to a Glastonbury Festival by himself (???) this weekend and hung out with a youngsters.

The above print is Brad unresolved around Glastonbury. Incidentally, Johnny Depp was during a same festival usually a day beforehand, since since not? It’s where divorced fathers in their 50s go to feel immature and special and hip, like poet-vagabonds and childfree bachelors. You know who substantially would have desired to go to Glastonbury? Brad’s oldest sons, Maddox and Pax. we theory they would have busted Brad’s single-guy vibe though.

According to People Magazine, Brad watched Jeremy Corbyn pronounce on Saturday (Brad watched “from a side of a stage”) and he also hung out with musicians. Radiohead achieved and we gamble Brad watched them, nonetheless we can’t find any acknowledgment of that (it’s usually my guess, since Radiohead would be a usually rope we would wish to see during Glastonbury this year). What else? Bradley Cooper was there, doing an sense of Kris Kristofferson if Kris Kristofferson was an emu. B-Coop even photo-bombed Brad (see a IG during a finish of a post). So, yeah. Just a hip man unresolved out during a song festival but a caring in a world. we consternation how his therapy is going? Because I’m throwing a clever sniff of mid-life crisis.

When we get your print with Brad Pitt photobombed by Bradley Cooper!

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Congratulations to a foe leader – William Bradley Pitt.

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Photos pleasantness of WENN, Pacific Coast News and Instagram.

Brad Pitt seen during a Glastonbury Festival on Worthy Farm

Glastonbury Festival 2017 - Day 3 - Performances

Glastonbury Festival 2017 - Day 3 - Performances