Bollywood has cleared divided supermodel judgment in India: Sonalika Sahay

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Sonalika Sahay, one of a heading Indian conform models, says one reason since a judgment of supermodel doesn’t exist in India is since of a clever participation of Bollywood celebrities who take divided a infancy of shoots and endorsements.

When asked about a judgment of supermodel in a Indian conform industry, Sonalika, who was a partial of indication auditions for Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) Winter/Festive 2017 in Bengaluru, pronounced over phone: “In India, it gets unequivocally formidable since a Bollywood judgment is unequivocally clever here. So it (supermodel concept) kind of gets cleared away.

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“International conform models have their possess representations, endorsements. In India, publicity is finished usually by Bollywood. But carrying pronounced that, we do have a share of celebrity as well.”

Sonalika pronounced “Bollywood has a possess attractions, so they do have a satisfactory bit of endorsements that models used to do earlier”. However, she felt that a marketplace is exponentially increasing, and that models are not losing out on work.

“There are so many brands that are operative with models. If we speak about engineer campaigns and shoots, there is frequency any Bollywood face,” she said.

LFW auditions were hold in partnership with TRESemmé for a Winter/Festive 2017 season. A row of experts chose 6 winners after 3 rival rounds to travel for a arriving season. The names are Pavitra Malaiappan, Aditti Anand, Soumya S., Raksha Belliappa, Devika Bhanguni and Esha Gohil.

Winners (L-R): Aditti Anand, Devika Bhanguni, Esha Gohil, Soumya S, Raksh.

Asked about a factors that can assistance determined models find their feet in a modelling attention nowadays, Sonalika said: “The conform attention in India right now seeks girls who are tall. In terms of physique and looks, we theory everybody is intensely fit, so operative out is a must.

“Girls should get their personal tutor when they start their modelling career. Also, opinion towards work has to be really certain since they come with a really opposite perception. They consider they are stars and have done it right in a beginning. So, a new lady needs to work on that.”

Sonalika has been in a attention for over a decade and has worked with a series of high form designers. She was also a face for Christian Dior watches in India.

A mom of two, she feels a opinion towards a conform attention has also altered immensely over a years.

“Earlier, we theory conform was not something that was a contention of choice. Also, people used to take it as something that is really temporary. Now conform has turn a hardcore attention and is a bone-fide profession. we theory a lot of girls are display seductiveness towards it and relatives are also really supportive,” she said.

Overall, she felt a attention has turn intensely organised. “It’s a remunerative time to be in this industry,” she said.

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