Blackberry sues Facebook in quarrel over app patents

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Blackberry has filed a lawsuit in a US accusing Facebook of duplicating facilities from Blackberry Messenger in a defilement of a obvious rights.

Blackberry, that was once a personality in a smartphone market, says Facebook used a facilities and record in a WhatsApp and Instagram apps.

The claims come after Blackberry has increasing efforts to make income from a some-more than 40,000 patents.

Facebook has pronounced it would quarrel a lawsuit.

Paul Grewal, emissary ubiquitous warn of Facebook, pronounced Blackberry’s explain “sadly reflects a stream state of a messaging business”.

“Having deserted a efforts to innovate, Blackberry is now looking to taxation a creation of others. We intend to fight,” he said.

Analysis – Dave Lee, BBC North America record reporter

Blackberry Messenger was a final hand of a unwell Blackberry code – a lightweight, elementary module that was really popular, for a time, with immature people. Particularly in a UK, where we might remember it was deliberate a apparatus of choice for rioters communicating during London’s disturbance in 2011.

BBM, as it was known, was indeed a predecessor to renouned apps like WhatsApp, though to contend WhatsApp gained a recognition by hidden BBM tech is utterly a stretch.

While Blackberry Messenger was (for a prolonged time) sealed to Blackberry device, WhatsApp wasn’t. And while WhatsApp softened constantly, Blackberry Messenger, well, didn’t.

Blackberry is claiming tenure over facilities that are so hackneyed in mobile messaging we substantially don’t even cruise them to be features. The small dot notifying we of a new message, for instance. Or a little icons that uncover that a summary has been perceived and afterwards read.

Blackberry, that was founded in Canada in 1984, was estimated to paint some-more than half of a smartphone marketplace as recently as 2009, according to a lawsuit.

It introduced Blackberry Messenger in 2005 – some-more than 6 years before Facebook introduced a identical service, a lawsuit said.

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Facebook owns WhatsApp and Instagram

In a filing, Blackberry claims Facebook has copied methods to forewarn users of new messages and tab people in photographs, among others. It says Facebook has been wakeful of a rights for years.

A mouthpiece for Blackberry pronounced a association stays open to a partnership with Facebook.

“However, we have a clever explain that Facebook has infringed on the egghead property, and after several years of dialogue, we also have an requirement to the shareholders to pursue suitable authorised remedies,” she said.

Blackberry, that stopped creation phones in 2016 after a thespian sales decline, also filed a obvious transgression fit opposite Nokia in Feb 2017. That box is pending.

The association has also staid disputes with other companies.