Blac Chyna Joining ‘DWTS’?: She Wants To Compete Against Scott Disick

Is Blac Chyna being courted for ‘Dancing With a Stars’? has schooled EXCLUSIVELY that Blac ‘would love’ to join a expel and improved yet, she wants Scott Disick to be her competition!

Blac Chyna, 27, competence usually be a latest to join subsequent season’s Dancing With a Stars lineup. And we improved trust she’s bringing a play with her! In fact, she wants Scott Disick, 32, to join in on a movement as she brings her Kardashian argument to a subsequent level. Watch out world, a Blac/Kardashian tragedy is about to explode to new heights!

“Blac would adore to do a subsequent deteriorate of a uncover and talks are being carried out to make it a reality,” an insider suggested to EXCLUSIVELY. But Blac doesn’t wish to a be usually star on DWTS who’s compared with a Kardashian. “She would adore to do a uncover with Scott Disick as good and a producers adore that angle as well,” a sourced added. A Blac, Scott showdown? Now that is something we would LOVE to see — generally if it’s all finished by dance! We have to palm it to Blac, this IS a flattering epic idea.

But what does Rob Kardashian, 28, consider of his GF going on a existence show? “Obviously she already has asked Rob his thoughts given he already has finished a show, and he is totally cold with it and hopes she gets to do it,” a source revealed. There we have it, Rob has given his central stamp of approval! So what’s holding a former outlandish performer back? Apparently during this indicate it’s all entrance down to money. “If that can be figured out afterwards she is in,” a source added.

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Well let’s get a sum ironed out ASAP since Blac dancing on radio opposite Scott is something we don’t consider anyone will wish to miss! And if Blac becomes Mrs. Kardashian, that’s even some-more of an forgive for her to seem on a show. After all, it’s arrange of a Kardashian tradition to compete on Dancing With a Stars. But what we’re still wondering is who would a Kardashians hearten for? Would they be group Blac or group Scott? Who knows, maybe Rob’s famous fam could finally put their differences aside in sequence to support Blac competing opposite a opposite Kardashian foe.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers, would we adore to see Blac on Dancing With a Stars?