Bill O’Reilly STILL Denies Ever Harassing Employees & Tells Matt Lauer Those Career-Ending Accusations Were A ‘Hit Job’

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Despite the litany of accusations done opposite him, Bill O’Reilly has no difficulty sleeping during night!

The former horde of The O’Reilly Factor seemed on TODAY 6 months after being suspended during Fox News, where he called a passionate nuisance charges done opposite him zero though a “political and financial strike job.”

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Sitting down with Matt Lauer, a domestic pundit denied ever carrying been indicted of bungle opposite women — until he was faced with a claims that finished his wire news career. He insisted:

“Not in 42 years. In 42 years, I’ve been in this business. we worked with 12 companies. Not one time did we have any communication with HR, any complaints filed opposite me.”

Earlier this year, it was reported that 5 women were paid a allotment of $13 million by a network for similar not to record lawsuits or pronounce publicly about a allegations opposite O’Reilly.

But a regressive commentator claims he knows zero about Fox’s “business decision” in profitable off his accusers. He continued:

“I don’t know since I’m not arcane to what Fox News did. After [former Fox News Chairman] Roger Ailes went down, there was a inundate of lawsuits — a inundate — with dozens of people named. And a association did what a association did.”

Adamant that he was usually one of a many names dragged in a sand by a accusations, O’Reilly asserted that no media association is a foreigner to these form of nuisance lawsuits — not even Lauer’s!

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He shaded:

“Every association in this nation — including this one, Comcast — has these lawsuits. Some of there are valid, some of them are not. They settle them for a series of reasons. As an employee, we don’t unequivocally have any contend in that matter.”

When asked because he didn’t countersue his accusers and transparent his name, O’Reilly claimed it was unfit for a open figure to win these form of authorised battles:

“I could do that, though a material repairs of these lawsuits, a press frenzy. Every claim is a conviction. Every claim in this area is a self-assurance — they don’t demeanour for a truth.”

Maintaining his position that a lawsuits and network boycotts were orchestrated by a revolutionary cabal, a anchor betrothed that his group would eventually exhibit a law and infer that a plant here is O’Reilly! He added:

“I can go to nap during night really good meaningful that we never mistreated anyone on my watch in 42 years.”

Well, during slightest his unwavering is clear. Watch his full talk (below).

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