Bill O’Reilly: Fox News Ouster Could Imperil Book Sales

For years Bill O’Reilly has been a force in edition with any one of his Killing books offered some-more than 1 million copies. His dismissal from Fox News now since of allegations that he intimately tormented women competence not immediately harm book sales though difficulty could be in a offing over a prolonged term, says an consultant who follows a book market. Peter Hildick-Smith, who runs book assembly investigate organisation Codex Group, says infrequent fans and women reader could be incited off by a allegations. In addition, Hildick-Smith says a detriment of a prominence from a O’Reilly Factor will harm his ability to foster his books. And a liaison could harm sales of his books directed during a immature adult and children’s audience.

O’Reilly is one of a many successful, maybe a many successful, non-fiction author in America today. Going behind to a late 1990s, he’s been a author or co-author of some twenty-eight books. But he unequivocally became a edition force with 2011’s Killing Lincoln, that has sole some-more than 2.2 million books in imitation and audio and spawned an whole Killing array (Killing Kennedy, Killing Jesus, Killing a Rising Sun). All 6 of a Killing books have sole over 1 million copies any (and 4 of 6 over 1.5 million copies each). Those sales overtake O’Reilly’s some-more sincerely domestic books like a only expelled Old School, that sole 67,500 copies a initial week in late Mar and 41,300 in a second week. Still it was a top-selling book in a U.S. in a second week according to Nielsen Bookscan that marks about 85 percent of sales (and, as with movies, a 50 percent dump from a initial week to a second isn’t unusual). By comparison, Killing a Rising Sun sole about 250,000 copies a initial week on sale in September. Sales like that are since publisher Henry Holt has mostly declined to criticism on a passionate nuisance allegations opposite O’Reilly and after he was let go by Fox, a Holt orator simply said, “Our skeleton have not changed.”

But warns Hildick-Smith there’s intensity disadvantage forward for O’Reilly’s sales. Hildick-Smith says Old School and other “badge books” (so called since they are bought some-more to uncover a reader’s domestic leanings than to be read) competence get a bump. Says HIldick-Smith, “With a implausible volume of contention around his situation, we think Old School, that positively sounds like a badge book, would get a tailwind” in sales as hard-core fans buy a book to uncover support for a former Fox News host.  That strike competence not lift over to his bigger Killing audience. Codex investigate shows that 81 percent of O’Reilly’s badge book assembly describes itself as conservative. But only 68 percent of a Killing assembly labels themselves as conservative.

Hildick-Smith sees women readers are another intensity disadvantage in O’Reilly’s audience. Just 63 percent of womanlike Killing readers report themselves as conservative. And even among a regressive women readers, 37 percent are meddlesome in books about women’s rights, suggesting they competence be incited off by a passionate nuisance allegations.

Hildick-Smith adds that a finish of a absolute O’Reilly Factor height is approaching to subdue sales. The TV uncover drew scarcely 4 million viewers a night and O’Reilly used it to foster his books. In an epoch when simply removing readers wakeful of books — discoverability in edition parlance – is a vital hurdle, a detriment of a uncover is approaching to minister to reduced sales simply since of reduced prominence for O’Reilly and his books.

O’Reilly also faces intensity problems with his books for children and immature adults. Take for instance his recently published Give Please a Chance (co-written with James Patterson), a book about working good and training manners directed during 3-6 year olds that sole roughly 170,000 copies between a Nov. 21 recover and a finish of a year. Hildick-Smith relatives competence not wish use an purported passionate harasser as a purpose indication for their kids. A consult of a dozen children’s book stores around a nation found many were possibly not now stocking it or had no skeleton to batch it in a future. (A repute for James Patterson did not respond to a ask for criticism on O’Reilly or either there were any skeleton to repel a book in light of a scandal). Less transparent is how O’Reilly’s line of YA adaptations of his Killing series, that have sole around 1 million copies, will fare.

In a brief run, with Old School, a “badge” book, out front, Bill O’Reilly’s book sales seem safe. But come May with a recover of Legends Lies: The Civil War (a messenger to his TV uncover of a same name), Jun with a recover of a YA instrumentation of Killing a Rising Sun, or a tumble with a approaching recover of his subsequent Killing book for adults, cracks could start to uncover in a O’Reilly edition juggernaut.