Bill O’Reilly Cites Clothing Company Conspiracy As The Reason He No Longer Fits In A Size XL — & Twitter Rips Him A New One!

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No matter how low he gets, there’s always someone after Bill O’Reilly.

First it was the revolutionary cabals that conspired to get a maestro publisher dismissed from Fox News. Now, it’s a sinister wardrobe companies that are attack a ashamed anchor wear where it hurts a most: his physique image!

On Tuesday, a regressive punit common a “tip” to his Twitter supporters to start grouping their garments “one distance incomparable than we are,” since those immorality wardrobe companies have conspired to “cut behind on material”!

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How is O’Reilly arcane to this #SuitGate conspiracy? Because he no longer fits in a distance XL!

Clearly, zero else could explain since an unemployed, 68-year-old male unexpected went adult a wardrobe distance during a holiday season. It’s those damn revolutionary wardrobe companies — and substantially Hillary Clinton‘s emails, too!

Needless to say, O’Frylly got mercilessly trolled for his delusional Tip Of The Day. See a humorous responses (below)!

So, to all those who benefit some pounds this holiday season: it’s not you, it’s your new clothes.

[Image around ABC.]

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