Bill Maher Writes "Nail Salon" Joke About North Korea’s Missile Threat

The comedian posted a critique that stereotypes Asian-Americans on Friday.

Just weeks after he drew widespread critique for regulating a racial slur on his HBO module Real Time, Bill Maher once again finds himself on a receiving finish of recoil following a new tweet.

“This N Korean thing is stealing tense! we mean, we consider it is, I’m on vaca. The ladies during my spike salon are freaking out, that’s what we know!” a comedian wrote on Twitter on Friday afternoon, referencing a new barb launch by a country.

Following his use of a N-word in June, Maher apologized on-air a following week on Real Time. “I did a bad thing,” Maher pronounced on his show, addressing a recoil he’d perceived to guest Michael Eric Dyson. “For black folks, that word — we don’t caring who we are — it’s caused pain. It doesn’t matter that it was not pronounced in malice, it caused pain, and that’s given we apologized. I’m not that large of an asshole.”

Maher went on to contend that he is “just a product of a country, though we don’t wish to fake that this is some-more of a competition thing than a comedian thing. We are lerned to get a laugh. This is not a initial time I’ve gotten in difficulty given that’s what comedians are somehow connected to do. Sometimes we disobey a attraction point.”

In early June, HBO cursed a use of Maher’s secular offence after it aired. “Bill Maher’s critique final night was totally inexcusable and tasteless,” review a Jun 3 statement. “We are stealing his deeply descent critique from any successive airings of a show.”

Unlike wire TV hosts, Maher doesn’t face as most advertiser vigour due to boycotts on reward cabler HBO, where he has hosted Real Time given 2003.

A ask for critique from Maher was not immediately returned.