Bikini Model Shows STUNNING Before-and-After Body Transformation!

This Australian model’s before-and-after bikini photos are overwhelming and exhibit a thespian transformation.

Not a before-and-after mutation that we expect, maybe.

But it’s exactly a arrange of design that people need to see right now.

La'Tecia Thomas, Selfie

La’Tecia Thomas is a bikini model.

She’s finished displaying in a past and she’s still doing it now.

Then and now, she’s gorgeous. Honestly her facilities remind us of Megan Fox, and we do not contend that lightly.

All that’s unequivocally altered is, well, a distance of a bikinis.

There are a lot of physique mutation photos in this world. In many cases, a “before” pic dwarfs a “after” photo, as someone maps their personal weight detriment journey.

La’Tecia’s story is a small different.

Take a demeanour during a comparison print that she posted to Instagram that’s earning her a lot of love.

La'Tecia Thomas, Before and After Bikinis

Let’s be transparent — she’s pleasing in both photos.

But in a design on a left, where she has rock-hard abs and a slim frame, she was miserable.

In a snap on a right, she’s intense with cunning and, again, looks like a thicc Megan Fox.

In her caption, La’Tecia tells a story behind a images.

“I was going by my phone and we found this aged print of me behind when we was training to contest in a bikini competition. So many people will demeanour during this print and make earthy comparisons and contend they would cite me ‘before’. we cite me during any weight as prolonged as I’m happy.:

First of all, as we can imagine, she’s gotten a lot of comments observant that they cite her “after” photo. 

And not only since a design peculiarity on a right is so most higher.

“It’s fine to adore yourself no matter what your distance is.”

That’s positively true! No matter what that one fat-shaming British mom who disturbed her daughter would “catch” being fat thinks.

They contend that increasing certainty and self-satisfaction is a pivotal to weight loss, though it’s also only a pivotal to happiness.

And afterwards she talks about how opposite things were for her, before.

La'Tecia Thomas, Blue Bikini

“I remember how unfortunate we was In a design to a left, we would disgust certain tools of my body- quite my bum/ thighs since that was and is a hardest partial of my physique to lose.”

She was a distance 8 during a time, though when you’re spooky with weight-loss and sculpting your body, infrequently it’s tough to conclude a results.

It’s unhappy though true.

“I had so many insecurities, we compared myself to other women and we lacked confidence.”

Now, she radiates confidence. You can see that in each singular picture.

“Since changing my opinion on life and training to welcome who we am, we know that hypothetically if we were to go behind to what we used to be we would be so most happier and calm than what we was since I’ve schooled to adore me.”


“Your mental health is only as critical as your physical. Also I’m not observant it’s fine to be dead and make diseased choices, we consider it’s about anticipating balance, listen to your body, we know what’s best for it.”

Balance is a pivotal to life.

La'Tecia Thomas

Her post has over 60,000 likes, and that series is growing.

Different people’s bodies are connected to be opposite weights. Some find it easier than others to benefit or remove fat or flesh mass.

That’s only how things are.

She’s found her change and she’s clearly vital her best life as a result.

And … did we discuss that she’s gorgeous? Because she’s gorgeous.