Bigg Boss Marathi launch LIVE UPDATES: Smita Gondkar and Resham Tipnis make a outstanding entry

In a review with, Bigg Boss Marathi horde Mahesh Manjrekar said, “When we got to know Bigg Boss is being done in Marathi, we knew a uncover would need a host, who has a lot of character. At a behind of my mind we knew we would be means to do it though with so many large faces already there in a Marathi industry, we did not know it could come my way. So when Nikhil (Nikhil Sane – Business Head of a channel) called me seeking if we would do it, we was like don’t ask, we am already on-board.”

He serve added, “But we won’t lie, we really had butterflies in my stomach. We did a ridicule fire and afterwards shot a song video and we suspicion we would do well. The fact that Bigg Boss doesn’t need any book is unusual as afterwards we get held between lines, here we can be all out and demonstrate my loyal emotions.”