Bigg Boss 12 will usually assistance Karanvir come out stronger: Teejay Sidhu

Bigg Boss 12
Bigg Boss 12 Bigg Boss 12 front any day during 9 pm usually on Colors.

The family special on Bigg Boss 12 promises to be a cloying episode. Television star Karanvir Bohra’s mother Teejay Sidhu will be seen entering a residence with their twins Bella and Vienna.

In an disdainful review with, Teejay common her fad and said, “Well, we am vehement as good as nervous. we unequivocally don’t know what will occur though it’s going to be an romantic time. we haven’t nonetheless told a babies or they would be bombarding me with questions on where is their dad. It would unequivocally be a prominence of a season.”

Talking about Karanvir’s diversion in Bigg Boss 12, a unapproachable mother said, “I am so unapproachable of him. He has been a usually competitor to have a graph in a show. KV is doing unequivocally well. He has his emotions in place and also plays a diversion smartly. we am certain Bigg Boss will make him a most stronger person.”

Teejay Sidhu also common that as most as Bigg Boss has been formidable for KV, it has been tough for her too. “It has been a finish romantic tour for me too. KV has been brought adult in a corner family with so most love. And afterwards in a Bigg Boss house, there are people who close we adult and use expletives that one wouldn’t differently in genuine life. we unequivocally wish all housemates find adequate bravery to go by a tour and come out as warriors,” she shared.

Not usually Karanvir, Teejay has been lauding other contestants on her amicable media account. When asked what done her support everyone, she smiled and said, “It’s zero out of a world. Competition is in a opposite place though amiability is most some-more important. we have always been undisguised with my thoughts and opinions. And we can't be inequitable towards KV as during a finish of a day, even we am an audience. It’s so heartwarming to see some of them mount by any other. You never design such regard from your opponents, do you? So it’s unequivocally worthy on their part. Even after a show, we will always be grateful to them for celebrating a daughter’s birthday.”

Host Salman Khan and a housemates’ oppressive comments towards KV done Teejay write an open letter. When Salman had mentioned a same to KV, he not usually apologised though also cried his heart out on Teejay’s actions. When asked if she regrets penning a letter, she said, “I don’t even wish to criticism on it as it’s such aged news. Life and Bigg Boss is identical in one way- that we need to pierce on. Things happen, we fight, we make up, cry and laugh, though life goes on. Similarly, a open minute is a thing of a past and we wish to forget about it.”

And when asked who she feels would win a show, Teejay smiled to say, “Karanvir, of course, is my favourite. Not since he is my father though he is honestly a best contestant. Unlike prior years, this year there has been no one competitor who stands out.”

The special Bigg Boss 12 family partial will atmosphere on Sunday. Weekend Ka Vaar will atmosphere on Friday and Saturday. Salman will also exude one competitor out of Dipika Kakar, Romil Chaudhary, Deepak Thakur, Jasleen Matharu and Megha Dhade.