Bigg Boss 12 highlights: Deepak Thakur gives fitting respond to Nehha Pendse in initial task

bigg trainer 12 latest part bigg trainer 12 latest part Bigg Boss 12: The initial part witnessed some conversations among a contestants about Anup and Jasleen’s relationship. 

The initial day inside a Bigg Boss residence started on a high note. To make a uncover an engaging watch from a really beginning, Bigg Boss introduced a initial charge of a season, ‘BB Press Conference’. In it, a singletons had to ask a jodis questions and infer because they merit to be in a uncover over them. Unlike a prior seasons, a contestants of a final deteriorate of Bigg Boss seemed in a really initial episode. Bigg Boss 11 finalist Hina Khan and competitor Hiten Tejwani were a special guest of a BB Press Conference.

The initial quarrel of difference happened between TV actor Srishty Rode and a many ‘vichitra’ jodi, Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu. Srishty attempted to make a indicate by observant that she is able of doing oppulance bill tasks over a maestro singer. Also, Anup and Jasleen’s attribute was put to exam as housemates lifted questions over it. While Dipika Kakar and Nehha Pendse forked Jasleen’s hostility to accept a attribute until Bigg Boss told a residence about it, Karanvir Bohra asked Jasleen because she is not prepared to accept it when Anup is observant they share a regretful bond.

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bigg trainer 12 neha pendse, dipika kakar, karanvir bohra bigg trainer 12 neha pendse, dipika kakar, karanvir bohra Nehha Pendse, Dipika Kakar and Karanvir Bohra during BB Press Conference task.

The jodi strike behind with a elementary respond that their’s is not an juvenile attribute where they will call any other partner or beloved or will usually spend time with any other. However, their evidence unsuccessful to save them from being tagged as a diseased couple and Srishty valid she is some-more able of being in a Bigg Boss house.

Singer Deepak and Urvashi were challenged subsequent by TV and film actor Nehha Pendse. Nehha pronounced that a twin is not able of creation any tie and do not attend in a daily chores. Deepak had a fitting respond to Nehha’s claim. He pronounced he can't only lay and play with utensils in a kitchen to uncover he is working. His smart replies tender a housemates and it was Nehha who was tagged as a misfit for a house.

deepak thakur bigg trainer 12deepak thakur bigg trainer 12 Deepak Thakur and Urvashi Vani in Bigg Boss 12.

The charge was called off for a day and a rest of a contestants will take it adult in today’s episode. Later, to supplement spice to a episode, Shivashish Mishra and a sister twin Saba and Somi Khan had a feign fight. First, a contestants took it for genuine though after they accepted a purpose of it.

In today’s episode, a initial vital quarrel of a deteriorate is approaching between sisters Somi and Saba and a rest of a house. The quarrel will have an impact on a charge as good where Shilpa Shinde and Karan Patel will be a special guest and will try to make assent in a house.

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