Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar Dec 9 created update: Salman Khan and Arshi Khan punch over Shilpa Shinde

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After romantic episodes, things incited rather lifeless on Saturday’s part of Bigg Boss 11. Host Salman Khan welcomed ex-Bigg Boss contestants Rohan Mehra and Karishma Tanna, and zealous Bigg Boss fan Karan Patel in a house. The contingent common their opinions with a contestants about their performance.

Meanwhile, Salman pulled Priyank Sharma’s leg over Divya Agarwal violation adult with him. He alsod warn Hiten Tejwani by removing behind his mom Gauri Pradhan and his kids on a uncover for a special meeting. As for captain Arshi Khan, for a initial time, she warranted Salman’s wrath.

Read all a highlights from a latest part of Bigg Boss 11:

10:26 pm: Gauri and Hiten’s children’s go behind and Gauri hugs Arshi and says that she enjoys her chemistry. Arshi says that it’s not a wrong thing to like someone. Hiten looks happy after assembly his family.

10:25 pm: Hiten gives his side of a story to Gauri. Gauri advises Hiten and tells him that he has to win a show.

10:24 pm: Salman bids a housemates goodbye and jokes that he will come to move Akash tomorrow.

10:23 pm: Hiten interjection Bigg Boss for a warn and Salman gives them a possibility to spend some peculiarity time together.

10:22 pm: Hiten decides to uncover them a residence and afterwards walked in Gauri from a admission room. They share a comfortable hug.

10:21 pm: Hiten is vivacious to accommodate his children and they contend that they suffer examination him on weekends.

10:12 pm: Hiten is left astounded and in tears and interjection Salman for a poetic gift.

10:11 pm: Salman addresses a gharwale and tells Puneesh to go to a storeroom and afterwards enters Hiten’s kids.

10:10 pm: Salman bids goodbye to Karan, Rohan and Karishma.

10:09 pm: Salman asks because do housemates cry observant their family when they are all used to operative in outdoor divided from family. The housemates share that they have already started inattentive names and phone numbers.

10:08 pm: Salman says that Hina looks uncertain in a residence and Hina shouts that she is not during all insecure. Karan-Hina rivet in a quarrel of words.

10:07 pm: Hina says that she wants to leave a house. Karan reminds Hina that she feels that her friends will go before her. The housemates giggle during Hina’s inattentive behaviour.

9:58 pm: Hina confronts Karan and tells him that he should stay in a residence subsequent year to know what accurately goes in a show. Hina also tells him that she competence have left behind on her difference a integrate of times though that doesn’t meant she lies. She also tells Karan that her quarrel with Priyank was personal and that it is normal to quarrel among friends.

9:57 pm: Vikas informs a assembly that Hina has 105 night suits and dons one any day.

9:56 pm: Salman praises Hina that she has altered herself so most in one year. He mentions a time she had come on a uncover as Rohan’s on-screen mother.

9:55 pm: Salman afterwards welcomes all a 3 guest on a stage. He afterwards greets a housemates and asks them about a special guest that came on a show. He says that Karan, who hasn’t stayed in a residence doesn’t merit to turn so judgmental.

9:53 pm: Karishma tells Hina that she is looking good on a uncover with her good garments and personality. She says that Hina’s opening reminds her of herself. She also tells her to use what she preaches to her friends.

9:52 pm: Karishma tells Shilpa that she too enjoyed cooking as most as her and tells her that she is personification well. She heads to Akash and tells him that he was improved progressing and his altered avatar is not good for a show.

9:51 pm: Karishma Tanna enters a residence and she gets nostalgic. Karishma tells Hiten that she misses him a lot. She praises Vikas on regulating his mind in a diversion and that she loves him on a show.

9:50 pm: Hina advises Arshi that she should be clever of her words. Arshi says that a uncover is inequitable and that when she was with Shilpa, people were good with her and now everybody is observant her as a disastrous person. Arshi bitches about Shilpa creation fun of Hina and Rocky.

9:49 pm: Priyank-Hina cuddle any other and speak about their loyalty being underneath a scanner.

9:48 pm: Rohan tells Arshi that she deserves to be in a tip 5 if she changes herself a bit.

9:47 pm: Rohan advises Hina that she should take caring of her gestures while fighting and that she shouldn’t speak about her companionship members.

9:46 pm: Rohan Mehra enters a residence subsequent and looks vehement to be behind in a show. He goes true to Hina and tells her that she has turn a character icon. He tells Priyank that it’s wrong to dog about your friends and not support them.

9:45 pm: Shilpa looks unhappy and she says to Luv that Bigg Boss has given her a possibility to change all a myth people had about her.

9:44 pm: The housemates speak about Karan and Hina.

9:43 pm: Karan goes to Arshi and tells her to honour Shilpa, who feeds her so lovingly. He tells Akash that Priyank has a good physique though Akash looks like gauntness man.

9:42 pm: Karan afterwards goes on to Hina and tells her that she lies a lot in a show. Karan tells Hina that a assembly sees everything. Karan says that she looks really flattering though uncertain in a show.

9:40 pm: Salman afterwards takes a assembly behind in a residence where Karan Patel has entered a house. Karan tells Shilpa that she is his favourite.

9:38 pm: Hina takes a puncture during Vikas for selecting a wrong captain. Vikas looks devastated.

9;37 pm: Hina also gets concerned and a whole residence turns into a battlefield. Hina tells Arshi that she should omit Shilpa completely.

9:35 pm: Vikas and Arshi quarrel over her behaviour.

9:34 pm: Salman also tells a housemates that a captaincy charge is never played fair.

9:32 pm: Arshi tells Salman that he doesn’t demeanour during Shilpa’s wrong side after he scolds her for abusing Shilpa in her mother’s presence.

9:29 pm: Arshi says that she didn’t distortion and she felt that Shilpa was bold towards her father. Arshi also shares that she spoke about it to Vikas and Hina also.

9:27 pm: Salman, in a spiteful tone, congratulates Vikas on creation Arshi a captain. He afterwards talks about Arshi’s father entering a residence and how Arshi indicted Shilpa of looking during him inappropriately.

9:26 pm: Salman shows his indignant side mentioning all a unwashed difference that Arshi used opposite Shilpa. He also tells Arshi that she has not achieved in any of a tasks.

9:25 pm: Salman pulls adult Arshi on removing a captaincy as charity, even when she did not know a task. He also says that she has altered a lot after apropos a captain.

9:23 pm: Salman serve pulls Priyank’s legs when a competitor says that he wants to accommodate his mother. Salman tells Priyank that he should initial accommodate all his sisters. Vikas jokes about Divya thanking him on a stage.

9:22 pm: He afterwards moves towards Priyank and rolls down on a building shouting during him. He asks Priyank to explain what accurately happened. Priyank shares that a dissection had happened prolonged behind and Divya usually announced it. Salman’s waggish jokes keep a housemates entertained.

9:20 pm: Salman teases Hina that Bigg Boss was cold encourage to not let her intrigue with Rocky. He creates fun of Bigg Boss and his one eye. He afterwards tells Hina to sing his song, “Aakhon Ki Gustakhiyan.”

9:19 pm: Salman afterwards talks to Shilpa and says that he desired his mom and a approach she talks. He also praises Shilpa saying she has a good clarity of humour and dedication. He afterwards teases Vikas observant he will now compensate her 5 times a arrangement after she is out of a house.

9:18 pm: Salman praises a bond that Puneesh and Luv share with their fathers. While Puneesh tells that it is his father’s birthday, Salman shares that it is his mom’s birthday also. He wishes both of them.

9:16 pm: He also teases Puneesh observant Bandgi is enjoying but him and she is holidaying in Bali. He afterwards jokes about usually dual contestants being nominated this week. He pulls Akash’s legs that there is no possibility that he will tarry this week.

9:14 pm: Salman finally comes on theatre and says it was unhappy that Gauri couldn’t accommodate Hiten and shares that a stone-hearted Bigg Boss has a special warn for Hiten. He afterwards greets a housemates and asks Puneesh if he is enjoying with Bandgi.

9:13 pm: Arshi-Hina dog about Gauri’s poise in a house. Priyank also complains that Gauri did not even accommodate him and Luv. Vikas and Puneesh console Hiten in a garden area.

9:08 pm: Gauri advises Hiten to change his demeanour any week. As she walks out of a house, Hiten breaks down on not removing a possibility to rivet with her.

9:04 pm: Salman afterwards gives a glance of a part where Gauri entered a residence and had an romantic impulse with Hiten. She also took a puncture during Hina for articulate ill about her husband.

9:03 pm: The part starts with Salman Khan entering a theatre on a classical Shashi Kapoor song. He also spoke about a genocide of his Shashi uncle and prays for him. Quoting a Kapoor mantra – ‘The uncover contingency go on’, he starts a episode.

8:45 pm: Here is a hide look during tonight’s episode:

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