Bigg Boss 11 Oct 19 created updates: Hina Khan is a new captain of a house

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Missed final night’s part of Bigg Boss? Read all a highlights from a 19th part of India’s many argumentative existence uncover Bigg Boss 11 aired on Colors:

  • Hina Khan calls Arshi Khan an unsanitary person.
  • Bigg Boss tells a contestants to select dual names from a leader group of a oppulance bill charge who will get nominated for a captaincy.
  • Half of a contestants commission Hina Khan and Sapna Chaudhary.
  • Another half nominates Hina Khan and Hiten Tejwani.
  • Sapna Chaudhary wants to commission Benafsha Soonawalla and Hina Khan as according to her Benafsha achieved good in a task
  • Benafsha Soonawalla gets dissapoint with everybody as they didn’t commission her
  • Hiten Tejwani and Vikas Gupta discusses about nominations.
  • Shilpa Shinde tries to transparent her assignment with Benafsha Soonawalla and gives an forgive that she forgot about Benafsha during nomination.
  • Shilpa Shinde tries to remonstrate Puneesh Sharma and Hina Khan to commission Benafsha Soonawalla.
  • While Hina Khan gets 11 votes, Benafsha Soonawalla and Sapna Chaudhary gets 6 and 7 votes, respectively.
  • Sapna Chaudhary nominates Hina Khan and Benafsha Soonawalla though everybody convinces Sapna to commission herself.
  • Hina Khan and Sapna Chaudhary are a dual contenders fighting for a captaincy.
  • Hina Khan talks about Hiten Tejwani’s print that has a heading – “Don’t be a supporter be a leader”.
  • Bigg Boss gives a charge to a contestants for a captaincy in that Hiten Tejwani and Puneesh Sharma are a supporters of Hina Khan and Sapna Chaudhary, respectively.
  • Supporters have to lay in an dull box and a contestants have to fill that box with a silt and supporters have to dull that box.
  • The box carrying reduction silt will win a captaincy.
  • Hina Khan wins a charge that means Hina is a new captain of a house.
  • Vikas Gupta and Sapna Chaudhary gets into a quarrel as Vikas didn’t support her.
  • According to Sapna, Vikas plays mind games.
  • Akash Dadlani calls Benafsha Soonawalla a loser.
  • Benafsha Soonawalla calls Hina Khan a hypocrite
  • Bigg Boss arranges a speak uncover in that Vikas Gupta is a horde of a show.
  • Vikas Gupta asks Akash Dadlani whom he wants to get evicted.
  • Akash Dadlani gives Luv Tyagi’s name. Hina Khan asks some questions to Akash about his overconfidence.
  • Vikas Gupta asks some questions to Luv Tyagi and Hina Khan also.
  • Benafsha Soonawalla asks Hina Khan because she thinks that she is always right.
  • Luv Tyagi and Puneesh Sharma gets into an evidence while responding Vikas Gupta’s question.
  • Sapna Chaudhary wants Luv Tyagi to perform some-more before eviction.

Luv Tyagi gets targeted by a contestants as he is not opening adult on a show.

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