Bigg Boss 11 Nov 7, 2017 full part created update: Akash Dadlani says Priyank Sharma and Luv Tyagi are Hina Khan’s dogs

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Missed final night’s Bigg Boss 11 episode? Read all a highlights from a latest part of India’s many argumentative existence uncover aired on Colors:

  • Puneesh and Bandgi are empathize a bed. Akash removes Bandgi and Puneesh’s blanket. Puneesh scolds him for stealing their blanket.
  • Hina says to Hiten that Puneesh and Bandgi were removing cosy final night. She feels empathize for her family. Hiten asks how will they face their family.
  • Bandgi talks to Shilpa about Benafsha. Bandgi remarks Benafsha asked Akash not to mislay her sweeping as she doesn’t wear correct garments while sleeping.
  • Bandgi says she has been cold with all a jokes though it is augmenting after 4 weeks.
  • Luv tells Hina what Bandgi pronounced about Benafsha.
  • Puneesh tells Bandgi that he wants to do something with her.
  • Hina shares with Priyank about Bandgi and Puneesh’s stage and shows them their position.
  • Shilpa tells Arshi that Benafsha has left mad.
  • Benafsha provokes Akash and says she will take punish from him.
  • Vikas goes to Priyank and Hina and advises them to stop Benafsha, to that Hina says that she is only undone and fighting for her and he should have taken Benafsha’s side instead of interlude her.
  • Vikas asks Priyank and Hina because she is fighting now after 4 weeks.
  • Priyank gets indignant and says that they will quarrel for this emanate even after 8 weeks.
  • When Benafsha is clearing a atmosphere that she had warned Akash and Puneesh not to be on her bed, Bandgi says not to lift Puneesh between this topic.
  • Puneesh also listens to Benafsha’s conversation, afterwards Hina asks because is he staring during Benafsha like this?
  • Puneesh says that he is repelled during observant Benafsha articulate on this emanate after 4 weeks.
  • Puneesh argues with Priyank and Hina.
  • Vikas calls Puneesh and asks him something to that he denies.
  • Benafsha says that Puneesh told her. Puneesh says that Benafsha is lying. Everyone gets into a fight.
  • Puneesh and Priyank tries to fight. Bandgi stops Puneesh from fighting.
  • Shilpa calms down Akash by observant that Benafsha needs medication.
  • Benafsha pulls Akash’s hair and he complains to Bigg Boss.
  • Bandgi tries to ease down Puneesh by holding him to a washroom and he cries on her shoulder.
  • Akash says Priyank and Luv are Hina’s dogs.
  • Hina tells Akash not to take her name. They get into an evidence where Priyank and Luv support Hina. Hina warns Akash not to come nearby her.
  • Puneesh asks Bandgi who is ancillary Akash.
  • Bandgi tells he has support from Shilpa and Arshi.
  • Luv tells Shilpa that Akash was articulate about her physique to that she reacts routinely though after cries in a washroom.

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