Bigg Boss 11: Hiten Tejwani voted out of a show

bigg trainer 11 evicted competitor hiten tejwanibigg trainer 11 evicted competitor hiten tejwani Hiten Tejwani was pitted opposite Priyank Sharma during a final rounds of a eviction.

This has been one of a many intolerable evictions in a eleven seasons of Bigg Boss. The argumentative existence uncover on Sunday saw a rejecting of Hiten Tejwani, who was touted as one of a strongest contenders of a show. The irony of a eviction was that a housemates have voted him out, most to a exasperation of fans. Hiten was pitted opposite Priyank Sharma during a final rounds of a eviction.

Sweet, essential and nonetheless smart, Hiten had been a favourite among fans from a initial day. For years, a assembly has seen him play engaging characters on-screen though his genuine life persona was most some-more appealing and loving. The housemates too precious and reputable Hiten for his majority and positivity. Hiten was utterly an active member in a tasks and even a domicile chores. Touted to be a finalists by all, it seems like his integrity incited into a waste for him.

Having perceived fewer votes, he and Priyank were left in a bottom two, when Salman announced that in a story of Bigg Boss, a contestants would for a initial time opinion one out of a game. Being a clever player, Hiten had to travel out of a residence after inmates motionless to opinion opposite him. His friends Vikas Gupta and Arshi Khan were left in tears with his ousting.

Hiten, who kept a purify picture in a uncover by not indulging on any neglected controversies, was always in a limelight for his lovable chemistry with Arshi. While she kept on flirting with him, he shied divided from her citing he is a happily married man. We got to see a glance of his life when his mother Gauri Pradhan entered a residence with her kids final weekend to warn Hiten. The Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi actor had also astounded a assembly and housemates by sauce adult as a lady during a task.

bigg trainer 11 evicted competitor hiten tejwani arshi khanbigg trainer 11 evicted competitor hiten tejwani arshi khan Hiten and Arshi during a task.

An actor, whose life has never been injured with any controversy, seemed utterly non-professional for Bigg Boss. The actor, before entering a uncover had exclusively told, “Sab ke beech, ek to accha hona chaiye (One should be lucid among all argumentative people). To be honest we haven’t unequivocally suspicion about this for we feel there is no one who is controversial, it’s a conditions that creates a buzz. we will take all as it comes and conflict usually when we feel that we can’t take it anymore.”

Along with his matchless smile, Hiten had added, “I am not unequivocally an picture unwavering chairman and people are kind of tell me to act like an actor or a celeb. we have motionless we will have fun though if someone stairs out, we will really mount adult for a right.”

Shocked with Hiten’s eviction? Will we skip him on a show? Do let us know in a criticism box below.

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