Bigg Boss 11: Hina Khan was not nominated notwithstanding deliberating nominations, reveals Arshi Khan – watch video

Remember when everybody solely Hina Khan were nominated in a Bigg Boss 11 house? It was a shocker for everybody after they had been nominated for deliberating nominations in a residence beforehand. Hina was apparently a usually one who did not plead it with anyone given of that she was a only safe contestant last week. Arshi Khan got separated this weekend and it was some-more intolerable for her than for us. In a video interview, Arshi suggested that she was repelled when Hina wasn’t nominated that week given she had also discussed nominations beforehand. According to Arshi, Hina had told her that she wants to commission Puneesh Sharma that sold week.

Now that’s utterly intolerable a revelation! Arshi has also oral about her equations with Shilpa Shinde, Hiten Tejwani and Vikas Gupta. She also pronounced that Hina is one of a many greedy contestants in a house. Speaking about a contestant, she told TOI, “She thinks unequivocally rarely of herself and has this opinion that we all are losers in front of her. She used to always exaggerate about herself of wearing branded garments and operative in a attention for 8 years. we consider usko toh dhakke maar ke uncover se bahar nikal dena chahiye. But unfortunately, she will make it to a finale. She is personification a unequivocally unwashed game. Hina used to take 3 hours to get prepared during weekend ka vaar and wore all rented clothes. Imagine she came with so most planning.” (ALSO READ:  Bigg Boss 11: Will Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan provoke a padosis instead of creation them laugh? Watch video and find out)

Coming behind to Arshi’s explanation about Hina not removing nominated for a week, watch this video to find out what Arshi has to say!

We are as repelled as we are! Though we didn’t unequivocally see Hina deliberating anything with anyone in that episode, we’re wondering if what Arshi only suggested is loyal or not. Arshi is also rooting for Vikas to go on and win a show. She spoke unequivocally rarely of him in each talk that she has given. But what are your thoughts on Arshi’s revelation? Do we consider a makers were being unfair? Tell us what we feel in a comments next and stay tuned with us for more.

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