Bigg Boss 11 Dec 29 2017 full part created update: Vikas wins tip task, housemates all set for New Year party

bigg trainer 11 episodebigg trainer 11 episode Bigg Boss 11 front on Colors.

Missed final night’s Bigg Boss 11 episode? Read all a highlights from a latest part of India’s many argumentative existence uncover aired on Colors.

  • Hina and Luv report about Vikas and Shilpa’s diversion plan.
  • Bigg Boss gives Vikas a tip charge in that he is given challenges.
  • If Vikas completes this task, a housemates get to party.
  • Vikas reads a minute and tells Hina, Shilpa and Luv are a captains of a house.
  • Bigg Boss gives Vikas a initial plea in that he has to save Akash from going to jail.
  • Bigg Boss asks contestants to opinion for a jail. Puneesh argues with Vikas for interlude Akash from going to a jail.
  • Vikas argues with everybody to save Akash.
  • Hina says Vikas is uncertain of Akash as Akash will get footage in a jail.
  • Vikas asks Akash to apologize to everyone.
  • Puneesh tells Vikas that it is Big Boss uncover not Vikas’ show.
  • Bigg Boss asks Shilpa a decision. Shilpa takes Akash’s name and sends him to jail.
  • Vikas and Puneesh get into an evidence since of Bigg Boss’ challenge.
  • Akash says to Vikas that he is really intelligent and he looks like mafiosi outward a house.
  • Bigg Boss gives his subsequent plea to make someone cry.
  • Vikas asks Luv and Hina to cry as an actor. Luv and Hina cry together.
  • Bigg Boss gives his subsequent charge in that he has to censure someone for stealing.
  • Vikas asks Luv to move coffee from his bed. Luv tells Vikas that coffee box is empty.
  • Vikas asks everybody who stole coffee from his bed.
  • Vikas blames Akash for hidden and shows everybody his coffee in Akash’s bed.
  • Bigg Boss gives Vikas a choice to select between food and decorations. Vikas chooses food.
  • Bigg Boss gives subsequent plea for Appy Fizz. Vikas have to chuck someone’s garments in a pool.
  • Vikas intentionally fights with Priyank. Vikas tries to cry in a room and Puneesh comes to ask him. Puneesh calls Vikas feign and asks him because are we doing this drama.
  • Vikas throws Priyank’s garments in a pool.
  • Bigg Boss tells everybody that Vikas wins a celebration for everybody by behaving a challenges.

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