‘Big Brother’s Final Showmance Ends & One Houseguest Gets Penalized For Breaking The Rules


Season 19 has been filled with romances… until now. The nails came out on a ‘Big Brother’ live eviction night. Spoilers ahead!


After Jason pulled a shocker and kept Matt and Raven on a block, the Big Brother house went crazy. Raven called out Jason for going behind on his word; when he put adult Maven on a block, he hugged her and whispered that he’d lift her off. He indeed frequently denied mindful that… inattentive that he’s in a chateau where all is on camera. Yes, he conspicuous it.

In method to help Raven get brazen in a game, Matt was energetic to find out who voted to get him out a before week to try and pierce a aim elsewhere. Jason was one of a twin votes, and Kevin swore on his kids that he wasn’t a second. An hour later, Josh felt like fighting and came for Kevin, claiming he lied a lot in a game, thereafter seeking him if he won a $25K in a initial comp (in box we forgot, he did).


Kevin apparently denied it, yet when Josh asked him to swear on his kids again, Kevin flipped that he’d even ask that. Christmas was intelligent adequate to figure out that that meant Kevin wasn’t the other opinion — it was Alex, who lied loyal to everybody when asked if it was her.

So, who went home? Well Matt viewed a penalty opinion before a live eviction for deliberately defilement a Have-Not manners — he slept where he wanted (with Raven), ate what he wanted (cereal), etc. However, that didn’t matter; he was sent make-up after a whole chateau voted him out.

During his post-show interview, he approved that yes, he sacrificed half a million dollars for Raven, and yes, it was a genuine relationship. He suggested that they finished skeleton for after a show, including stealing Raven her initial tattoo, and doing a California tour. Julie also asked if he’d name cereal or Raven, and after cruise about it a tiny bit, he chose Raven.

HollywoodLifers, were we unfortunate to see Matt go?

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