Big Brother Winner Reveals That His Wife Is Pregnant with Their Second Child

Looks like this Big Brother winner’s son is about to be a large brother!

On Saturday, Dan Gheesling  who unanimously won Big Brother deteriorate 10 during a summer of 2008  announced on Instagram that he and his mom Chelsea were awaiting their second child in a honeyed post.

Sharing a design of his family where his son Desmond was wearing a shirt that review “big brother,” Gheesling wrote, “Des is going to be a large brother! Excited to be welcoming baby #2 to House Gheesling.”

Desmond was born in Jul 2016, and coincidentally Gheesling and his mom found out they were profound again on their son’s initial birthday this year.

“We indeed found out on Desmond’s initial birthday, so it was a bit of a surprise,” Gheesling told E! News, who pennyless a baby news first. “A welcomed and sparkling surprise, though unequivocally a surprise.”

Des is going to be a large brother! Excited to be welcoming baby #2 to House Gheesling.

A post common by Dan Gheesling (@dangheesling) on Oct 7, 2017 during 6:08am PDT

“I’ve unequivocally enjoyed observant Desmond’s celebrity come out. He can light adult a room with his grin and I’m not only observant that since I’m his dad,” a existence foe leader added. “He’s a really special child and we consider he’s going to do some singular things with his life.”

And he common that his implausible mom is only as vehement as he is. “My mom Chelsea is incredible, we don’t know how she does it,” he continued. “She is an extraordinary mother, and such a understanding wife, not to discuss she runs her possess gifting business while holding caring of her boys during home and doesn’t skip a beat. We’re both looking brazen to welcoming another member to a small family.”

So vehement to acquire Desmond Daniel Gheesling to a world. @cgheesling was implausible – and Desmond is great. Mom and Desmond are healthy! We all feel really blessed.

A post common by Dan Gheesling (@dangheesling) on Jul 3, 2016 during 5:45am PDT

Gheesling married his mom in 2011 on a campus of Orchard Lake St. Mary’s  a Catholic college basic propagandize for boys in Michigan — which he pronounced was where he met his mom for a initial time. It was also a mark where he proposed to her in 2010.

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“I’m not that romantic of a guy,” he wrote on his website in 2013. “And many people consider that a husband will cry when he initial sees a bride entrance down a aisle, though we didn’t. we didn’t even make it that far! When we came out into a church for a initial time and saw both of a families and all of a friends in one room it was really overwhelming.”

In further to winning Big Brother in 2008, Gheesling returned to a Big Brother residence in 2014, where he finished adult entrance in second place.