Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Vanessa Rousso Fixed To Win BB17 – Secret Source Claims Game Rigged to Promote New ‘Poker Face’ Show

Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Vanessa Rousso Fixed To Win BB17 - Secret Source Claims Game Rigged to Promote New 'Poker Face' Show

“Big Brother 17” spoilers are in, and if they are right it looks like a Vegas maestro poker player, Vanessa Rousso, will win a game. And that’s not all; it appears BB17 producers fake a diversion to guarantee their collect (Vanessa) will secure a vast win on a perfection night. Is it illusive that CBS designed for Vanessa to win it all?

It all comes down to a credit of an undisclosed inside source. A cameraman on a set of “BB17,” claimed that a expose firm it for Vanessa to win a venerate in method to encourage her new CBS show, “Poker Face.” He claimed that she was fed inside information – including progression declaration to her when she was a aim in a chateau – giving her a vast advantage in a game. If it is true, that could explain how she seems to know accurately how any of a houseguests is feeling about her and their position in a game.

Immediately following James’ eviction, fans were dissapoint that a fan favorite exited a diversion in seventh place. Social media exploded with repugnant fans claiming they called right after a double eviction to cancel their live feeds. Generally, fans couldn’t see any reason to watch a expose anymore after James left a house. They didn’t wish any of a remaining houseguests – Vanessa, Liz, Julia, Austin, Steve and Johnny Mac – to win a game.

Six weeks ago, Shelli and Vanessa were on a retard opposed eviction. Head of Household, Becky believed that Vanessa would be a initial member of a jury. At a final minute, James and Meg switched their votes to saving Vanessa and convincing others to do a same. At a time, fans felt that progression competence have intervened and helped Vanessa stay in a game. Is it illusive that progression told James or Meg that retaining Vanessa was a softened move?

This is not a initial time that “Big Brother” was underneath heat for controlling a game. It seems like any other year, it comes up. When Rachel Reilly won “Big Brother 14,” many people felt a mellow was set adult guaranteeing her to win. However, during her season, no one can reward that she totally dominated a season. She won Head of Household and Power of Veto large times. In fact, she was referred to as a enemy beast. The reason she wasn’t distant from a diversion is she never gave them a chance; she won Power of Veto any time her life in a diversion was during risk.

It is illusive that “Big Brother” is not a existence TV expose during all, yet merely a scripted expose to seem as if it is existence television? With Vanessa in a final 5 now, is it illusive a expose firm her win so she could encourage her new show, “Poker Face” as “Big Brother” winner? One thing is for certain; Vanessa is enactment a flawless game, and during this prove is a many deserving actor to win “Big Brother 17” yet is she doing it on her own?

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